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Hole in one ....just wondering

andy r

I have been playing seriously now for 19 years now and have never had one. Got it to within inches on a few occasions but never had an ace. Just wondering if I am if I am in a minority, I know a guy who has had 2 and routinely shoot better scores than him.

Maybe I am just jinxed or something.

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  1. Andrew A

    Don't fret.  I have been playing for just over 30 years and still do not have one.  Currently I am a 1 handicap so I can clearly get the ball in the direction of the hole, but to get it to go in based on some luck.  I've holed out a number of times form the fairways just haven't been fortunate enough to get one to go in from the tee.  My brother, conversely, has two hole in ones and they are both on Par 4's.  It's so random and I still believe I will have one or more someday.

    At least it's fun to keep trying!!!!

  2. andy r

    Yes Andrew I will never stop trying ,hopefully the golf gods  will intervene in my favor.

    Play well.

  3. tdogg21

    A hole in one needs a lot of luck.  Obviously if you hit accurate shots into the greens, you have more chances for luck to be on your side.  I've been playing all my life with no holes in one.  My dad played for 50+ years and old got one.

  4. Greg S

    I had played for over 30 years and had to watch my father in law get his first in his first six months. I hadn't made one yet. Since that time I've had six. Hang in there it will probably happen!
  5. Dan H

    My only hole in one came in one of my worst rounds in the last 5-10 years.  It was completely lucky and I've had much better shots that didn't get so lucky.  I agree with previous post, the better you hit your irons may give you more chances but I know scratch golfers that are still waiting for their first.  This is a crazy game sometimes that we all love so dearly!!!  Ha

  6. andy r

    Yes It is definitely the craziest of all games. That's what makes us all keep coming back I guess.

    Play well.

  7. andy r

    I have heard many stories like that, a guy in my Men's club said his wife made  3 weeks after taking the game up, he has been playing a dozen years and has yet to do so.

    She reminds him quite often.

  8. Nathan S

    Its gotta be the lack of thinking while playing.  I swear I play better earlier in the when I am just happy to be outside. 

    See ball, hit ball.....

  9. andy r

    Nathan that is a good way of looking at it, dont worry about the score , just the process and the enjoyment of being on the course and not at work.

  10. pulplvr

    The hole-in-one is a fluke, whatever anyone else has told you.  Play enough golf and there is a (relatively) good chance you'll have one, someday.  I began playing at 11 and did not get my first hole-in-one until I was 67.  I've had another since then and several close.  Just hang in there. 

  11. JAMES S

    There are odds for everything else, so what are the odds for a hole in one?

  12. Sean C

    I had my first one last year and is was purely luck. I hit a nice 60 degree gap wedge from an elevated tee about 120 yards toward a pin protected by a front bunker. My ball barely cleared the bunker, landed on the green and started rolling on the green until it disappeared. At first, I was in shock until I realized at what had just happened. Strangely enough, I played the same hole two weeks later, hit the same wedge and almost holed it again with the ball finishing two inches from the cup.

  13. Scott M

    I consider myself a decent golfer and have been very close several times (everyone knows that feeling when you're close and the ball slowly rolls sideways across the line of the flag and you hope it's going to fall!). However, I have a buddy who is a 20+ handicap who bladed a hybrid from 180 a few years back and ran it up and in for the Ace! Go figure!
  14. Nathan S

    Thats the way it goes Scott.  I got mine when I was barely playing and when I was it was the worst golf of my life.  But I got it with a Titleist 4, which is now my number of choice.

  15. Brian D

    Andy, it will come....eventually. I was in the same position. Rang the bell so many times, but no one ever let me in. Last year I was in the state am and got my 1st, then 2 weeks later got my 2nd

    Best of luck to you and keep us posted

    Don't forget to register online as well. Assuming you play some type of Titleist ball, they will also send you a personal congratulations note as well as a really cool medallion to proudly hang on your bag.
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