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What's Your Major?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

So there's that event we circle on our calendars every year. Maybe it's the match play event at your course, the club championship, the annual buddies trip or even your regular weekend foursome match... it's a bit more special and you're looking to put together a solid round to take home the win.

To sum it up nicely, it's your major.

As I've mentioned in other posts, for me it's usually the club championship but this year I'm also looking to qualify for the MGA Amateur Public Links Championship. The qualifier is on July 8th and I'm looking to get my game dialed in for next week. It's always a fun event and it's great to get the competitive fire going again.

So the question is... what's your major? Share your stories here and tag your Tweets and Instagram photos (or videos) with #MajorMoments to join the conversation.

And feel free to check out our Major Moments site to see some stories from a few Titleist Brand Ambassadors including Adam Scott, Webb Simpson, Zach Johnson and more.

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  1. Speedy

    I went to a Golf School in Mount Snow, VT earlier this month and the last time I went was June 2001.  Both time i went with one of my best childhood friend.  We grew up together and played golf a lot.  We have families now so it's always tough to get together.  So we made a pact that every June, we would do a weekend getaway to the same golf school.  We had a blast this year and just golf all day and just talked about the old days.  Doesn't get any better than that.  So i'm really looking forward to this again next year.   

    And Mount Snow, VT is a great course to play.  Truly a great challenge. 

  2. Hotsauce

    For the remainder of the season I have two.  I've got my 3 day member guest in two weeks and then the club championship at the end of the summer.

    My partner and I are defending at the member guest so that will be fun.

    If I could only pick one, it would have to be the club championship.  It's bragging rights for the whole year, and you get a parking space.  You gotta love the big ones!

  3. David B

    I guess mine is the Alabama State Am.  I have tried to qualify 5 or 6 times, and can never put an entire round together.  The first time I tried I chipped in for birdie on #10 to get back to +1 on my round then proceeded to take a 9 on a par four and everything fell apart after that.  To this day I let that round cause unnecessary nerves during that qualifier.  A couple years later, I was paired with two guys who were each only +2 on a difficult course in Birmingham and I was sitting on +9 teeing off on 18, a reachable par 5.  79 (+7) was the number in my head that I needed to have a chance.  So I try an all world drive that I barely made contact with and topped it to about the ladies tee.  From there I hit 3 wood-5 iron chip up and putt in for a par 5, and an 81.  80 qualified, oh well!

  4. Tim Tiger

    Club Championships at the two courses I play in are a couple that I ready for during the summer.  But I play an annual team event in Las Vegas that I consider my major for the year.  It's a great time on some awesome courses at the Paiute Resort.  We stay an entire week and play 1 practice and three tourney rounds.   I have a bunch of great friends that attend as well and we have a really good time the whole trip.  

    My partner and I are on the right.  All of us in thepicture were taught by the gentleman third from the left.


  5. Scott M

    Love the humility David! Two years ago, I was defending champ in the A Flight of my club championship and in the final grouping the last day. I made a birdie at 10 and felt like I was rolling and was in striking distance of the leaders. Then I drained a 35 footer! .........for an 8 .........on a par 3. That was the end of that! Anyway, my major is definitely my buddies trip. Four of us go in May every year to Glade Springs Resort in WV. It's a ton of golf, even more laughs and ultimate bragging rights for the year!
  6. pulplvr

    Until this year, I would have said that my major was my local club's Match Play Championship, beginning in May and continuing through the summer until all matches have been completed.  This year, however, I decided to take a giant step and registered to play in the South Super Senior Amateur run by the Texas Golf Association (TGA).  This is a 36 hole event played at a different club each year.  I worked out a program with my golf coach and worked on specifics in the months leading up to the tournament.  I gave it my best, but had one hole in particular that defeated me in both rounds (plus 9 on that hole total).  While I did not finish where I had hoped to, I truly enjoyed the experience and hope to do it again next year.  Until then, I will focus on the Match Play (I did win the Senior Division this year) and my golf league's Season Championship, held over two different courses in late September.

  7. Gabe B

    As a PGA Member my section championship is my major. It is circled on the calendar as soon as the tournament schedule is released. It is my chance to play in the PGA Championship.
  8. David G

    I went to Erin Hills a week ago. At hole number 9 I had a hole in one. This was a great thrill for me. The best was the excitement of my three playing partners. Everyone still talks about it now. One of the most beautiful courses you will see and most difficult.
  9. ToddL

    My favorite is a 27-hole 1-day event at the club.  It is played as three 9-hole 4-ball matches.  Each hole counts as a point (if no winner, each team gets 1/2 point).  There are 4 teams per division.  You play a match against the other three teams.  

    Typically this event is held early in the season to help meet any new members.  It is a fun and competitive event.  Each hole has the same importance, so #1 counts the same as #27.  

  10. NavyLD12

    My Majors are my Club Championship and the Navy Golf Team tryouts. I play and practice all year for those. I play in GSTour am events all year. And local and cityams when I have a chance also. 

  11. Matt E

    My Major takes place each June in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  Ten great guys just returned from our four day golf trip known as the ExSkersion!! We played 108 holes in four days at Bayside Golf Club and Dismal River Golf Club.  We used a Stableford scoring format to determine a "Champion Golfer" and also had a fun putting competition one evening.  Great times with family and friends!!

  12. Steve H

    My Major always comes in two forms each year.  I'm most fortunate to be able to still play in the Men's Club Championship at 58 and still enjoy battling the kids.  Most years I still hang on and make the cut into the final round and then place pretty good.  My Major is held two weeks later when we tee it up for the Senior Mens Club Championship.  We have a very good Senior organization and its members far outway the Mens Association, so therefore we have more prize money and more Seniors competing.  I've played since I was 50, always using the Mens Club Championship as a springboard to tune up the game.  Last year was my first "Major" win in the Senior Mens Club Championship and also in the Senior State Am.  It has been a long raod and at times very humbling, but it was also a very great moment for me.

  13. Speedy

    Congrats on all your accomplishments Steve H and love your setup in the picture!  Best of luck!

  14. Mike C

    Our club championship is what I would consider my major tournament at my local club.  This is a match play tournament held in August each year.  I really enjoy match play as it ads a completely different dynamic to the game.

    The tournament I feel is my real "major" is held each year the week after 4th of July out in Los Angeles.  I am taking off Sunday night to head out to California and hopefully put up a good show this year.  This is a four ball match play event that I play with one of my dear friends.  We have a practice round on Monday, qualify on Tuesday and then go into single-elimination match play beginning Wednesday through the weekend.  hopefully, if all goes well, you will still be playing on the weekend!  Of all the tournaments I play in, this is certainly my favorite each year. 

  15. David S

    After being out of golf for 20+ years and starting back last year, this year's Sr Club Championship and Club Championship were my two majors - I was fortunate and won the Sr Club Champ going away. In the Club Champ I was two strokes down after day one, I started birdie, birdie, par, par and was tied for the lead after 4 holes on day two. Neither one of us ever had more than a one stroke lead until no. 17, a 200 year par 3 that I pulled the ball into the water......and there went my chance to be a double major winner this year:) But, I have to say, it was a blast to be playing golf at this level with a club championship hanging on every shot coming down the stretch. I just wish he had knocked his Titleist into the water! I did get 2nd so a great year for me already!!
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