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Play the right tees

Brad m Club Champion

I am getting so tired of having guys in front of me playing the wrong tees. I don't know if it's an ego thing, or what, but guys if you can't break 90 from the white tees, why would you want to play the blues? I would much rather be putting for birdies that fighting like crazy to save bogey with a one putt. It slows down the game, and it can not be enjoyable. I just don't get it.

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  1. tdogg21

    I agree.  I almost never play from beyond the white tees.  I typically hit a longer than average tee shot, but why make things harder on myself for no reason?  I play for fun and hitting short irons into greens is more fun.

  2. Christopher T

    My course only has Blue, Yellow and Red tees, so I have to play from the tips.  If I am just going out for fun, I will move up to speed up the round, but I always hit from the blue when it is a association event. 

  3. Rick R


    I've talked to a couple of people the reasoning behind hitting from the longer tee boxes. I hear that people like to get their money's worth....


    The object of the game is from point A to point B in the least amount of strokes possible. So if the reasoning fit the actual object of the game, forward tees would make sense...reverse logic is kind of hard to understand sometimes when one steps to the tee box...

  4. Spudstarch

    Slow play has been the recent bane of golf. If the group was falling behind the group ahead of them then you should definitely call out the marshal.

    Selecting tees at a new course is easy once you know how to read a score card. I usually like to play tracks that are around 6300 yards due to my driver carry distance (or lack of). I think there is an old guideline of taking your typical 5-iron distance and multiplying it by 36 to see which yardage you should play. If the rating is on the higher side of 70 with a lower than 130 rating, then play up since that tends to mean there are long holes to offset the lack of hazards. And if there is a strong wind, I play up so I don't have to use driver on long par 3's.

    Personally, I don't think playing back tees is necessarily the cause of slow play, but if the players have an excessive pre-shot routine, then having to take extra shots because of distance would certainly magnify the problem.

  5. Frank P

    The color of the tees seems to be getting more jumbled as time goes on. What is one course's white distance is another course's blue distance. I believe you should check out the card and play the distance that is comfortable for your skill. At my home club, I play the white tees which happen to be 5,745 yds. If I am playing at another course, I am going to a set of tees of a similar distance, regardless of tee color. I also believe that there is an " Intimidation " factor involved. The better player heads back to the ball washer and everybody else follows. Then, of course, is the group that plays from about 6,500 yds. that can barely make the fairway with their tee shots and taking " Mulligans " all day. That's what slows up play. I play with members that play the tees behind me and with those that play the tees in front of me. Never a problem. They go where they belong.  When you play in club tournaments, you play the tees that your handicap is computed from.

                                                                                                         Frank P 

  6. Ashley L

    I agree with you somewhat, but many of those players that struggle to break 90 from the blues aren't going to score much differently from the whites unless their weakness is length.  That's not most people's's accuracy.  A 9 iron vs a 7 iron isn't much different when you can't hit the green consistently with the 9 iron.

    Also, most people like to play from the same tees.  So when you have people with various abilities, you may have some people play from the wrong tees.  It happens.  When I play with my dad, I will move up to the shorter tees so we can play from the same teebox, as he struggles with distance, but those tees less challenging for me and thus not quite as enjoyable.  I suck it up as I love being able to play with my dad from the same tees.

    If we're talking about slow play, my much bigger concern is not about tees people play but how long it takes some people to line up their shot, take their practice strokes, and then hit the shot.  Especially when they hit alot of them.

  7. Carl T

    I play most of my golf at a private club. There is an unwritten rule that men over 70 can move up and play the forward tees (black, 6000 yards). Under 70 most play from the white, blues or gold. Our white tees play 6500. There are a couple of holes that are par 4's that takes me 3 shots to reach. The usual club selection for these two are driver, 3 wood. I would love to play from the blacks but the group I play with go along with the clubs tradition. I enjoy the camaraderie of the group so I don't make waves. When I play with a different group I do play from the black tees. Those long par 4's then become a driver,5-7 iron. To me it's a lot more fun trying to hit a green with a 7 iron rather than a 3 wood and that is what this game is supposed to be.
  8. andy r

    I agree ....if you have never shot par from the whites a time or two you then should not be playing from there.  If you can consistently shoot in the 70's  you have game enough to  move to those tee's IMO.

    I have been grouped with  people who tee from the blues while I play from the whites  and some of these guys can't break 100. They slow things down for everybody.

  9. Augie H

    Totally agree. I consistently shoot in the mid 80's and only play from the whites. Why make the game harder than it already is. The friends I usually play with agree and sometimes we see a group in front of us playing from the blues or the tips are we are like "are you serious".
  10. nucjg695

    Couldn't agree more.  My average drive is about 280, but I moved up a set of tees a couple of years ago when my dad started playing up a set.  I cannot tell you how many times I've been grouped with strangers who by the fourth hole are wondering why I'm not playing from longer tees.  My response is always the same - the game is more fun when you hit short irons into greens, have the occasional driveable par 4, and can reach most par 5s in two.  The game is hard enough as it is - I don't need to be using my hybrids and 5 iron multiple times per round.  I'll take breaking 80 from the blues or whites any day over trying to be a tough guy from the tips.

  11. RON H

    The guys I play with all score about the same we all shot in the high 80's low 90's there are a couple of regulars who have broken the 80 barrier but week in week out everyone shoots about the same. I have suggested with play from the yellow tees (we all hit from the whites now), but they aren't having any of that. I think its mostly a ego thing. The days I play alone I always move up a tee spot and have shot some good scores but never close to par, but I have more fun hitting the tee shots just a little farther. So I guess I'll continue to be a closet forward tee player when I'm with the regulars but will always secretly love moving up.
  12. Mark F

    I too believe that players should be playing from the proper tees for their game.  I feel that they should pick a total yardage that they are comfortable with and have success with and stick with that, regardless if they are white, blue, gold, or whatever.  My home course has 4 sets of tees.  I play the men's (white) set at 6223 yds.according to the score card.  I score between the upper 70's and mid 80's.  When I travel with my clubs I will pick the tees at whatever course I'm at that comes closest to that.  I will move down to about 6000 yds. but will usually never go above 6400 yds.  I believe that the pace of play is one of the top issues in casual golf today, and I believe that it is up to all of us to play from the tees that provide the best pace as well as the best chance of success and fun.

    Mark F

  13. Speedy

    Couldn't agree with you more.  I see it from time to time and it bugs me.  It has to be an ego thing and it slows the game down terrible.  You would think after a few holes the group would say "ok, this isn't working out let's move up"...  Nope....  And what kills me is, they'll hit a few more provisional or mulligans or whatever they want to call it until they get a good one..  I'm like buddy those are red sticks up there, it's there for a reason..  take the drop.

    I'll be the first to admit I've tried playing from the tips a few times since the guy i was playing with is a PGA pro so i thought what the hell, let's do it.  Well, big mistake.  It only killed my handicap and ended up slowing him down which i felt bad about so i was rushing every shot.  After the 2nd time i just gave up and told him i'm going back to where i belong.  Until i can hit it like him, I'm sticking with my normal tees.  I rather swing nice and easy instead of swinging out of my a**..  Not worth it....

    Good post Brad M.   

  14. David T

    I honestly don't think the right tees will help. We have to find a way to instill the concept of fast play in peoples minds. As long as they see their favorite pro taking 6 practice swings, consult with their caddy 3 times on yardage, and look at a putt from 5 different sides we are doomed to 6+ hr rounds!

    I was behind a 4-some last week who thought it was appropriate to have a putting contest from off the green! This was after a day of watching them all drive to 1 ball - hit - and all drive to the next ball over and over and over.

    These guys could have started from 1/2 way down the fairway and it wouldn't help!

  15. Robert J

    I play from the tees that are closest to 6500 yards, that is long enough for me to score well and still have fun.  But on slow play, I think the biggest issue I see is ready golf, not many are ready when its their turn.  I watch a person hit their shot, then put his club away, then another person starts his routine and so on.  You can get your yardage, pick your club, read the line etc, while someone else is hitting.  Ready golf speeds up play, in my opinion.

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