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grip problems… help!!!

michael n

every so often it seems that I can't get comfortable with my grip and I literally can't hit a ball or feel good doing it  . Has anyone else ever had this happen to them and what did you do to go back to your old self? maybe its just all in my head idk… 

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  1. Mary D

    try setting your left hand with the club upright, parallel and next to your left leg. Don't squeeze. Lift the club in front of you and set your right hand-- again, DON'T SQUEEZE. Then forget it-- concentrate on where the ball is in your stance and swing. Don't let your grip distract you.

  2. Mike M 148

    Hi Michael,

    When my hands or fingers are swollen, my grip feels like I have a foreign object in my hands. I've also noticed that cold weather makes my grips feel a little strange. Regardless of the reason, I try to concentrate on my swing and ensuring I don't overdo it with my hands. After hitting a few balls, it feels normal again.

    Hope that helps you and good luck!

  3. Carl T

    This happens to me occasionally and I have to concentrate on my routine of hitting the ball. Mine starts behind ball and picking my line to the target with a spot on that line a foot or so in front of ball. With club on my left side soled on the ground, place my left hand on grip with thumb slightly on the right with two knuckles showing and then step in to address ball with club face looking at spot on the target line, then gripping club with right hand by coming underneath the club and then checking my grip to see if 'V's' from both thumbs and forefingers are pointing somewhere between my chin and right shoulder by extending the club out in front of me with shaft perpendicular to the ground. I then set up in my address position and make my swing. Bottom line, get a routine and do it every time so you will be on auto pilot when hitting the ball.
  4. Lou G

    My issue is that I have had a very strong grip for ages, so much so that the right hand tries to lay down and sometimes I feel I fight my grip.

    If I keep my head behind the ball and have a reasonable amount of spine tilt,it helps the grip.

  5. Chris S

    I try to practice my regular grip and putting grip everyday.  You can always find 5-10min to practice. Even 2-3min. It just becomes natural after a while and you won't even think about it. 

     Chris S

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