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Name on my bag

Alex M

Hey I was wanting to know if there was any way to get my name on a staff bag like you see on tour. Looking to upgrade from my old carry bag and just thought i'd ask. I love the titleist staff bags and wanted a way to make one even more my own.

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  1. Cody W

    Alex, I have the same interest. I have put some research into the option and what I have been told is that you have to order the bag through an authorized Titleist dealer. I reached out to ( today and they have told me I can add text to the bag for an additional $15. Usually take 2-4 weeks to ship. I also asked if it is possible to add the American flag to the mid size staff bag and am currently waiting on an answer from them. I hope this helps.
  2. Alex M

    Thanks please let me know what they say about the flag
  3. Steve H


    May I be so bold as to reccommend that your Support your Local PGA Professional and order from him?? The wait is not as long and the upcharge for the lettering can be negotiated.  And yes, Titleist can in fact place you an American Flag or TT Logo.  Your choice....

  4. Julian C 

  5. Allen L

    Here's a photo of my 9 1/2" staff bag.  I went to a local club pro who pulled out his Titleist notebook, looked up a phone number, turned on his speaker phone and a lady on the other end seemed to know just what I was looking for.  My guess is that she could see on screen how it would look with my name, town, and Team Titleist logo, she made some recommendations that were great.  The call took about 15 minutes then about 5 weeks for delivery.  The bag is fantastic with plenty of storage room, I have my FJ rain hat, pants, and jacket on one side.  Plenty of tees and balls.  Nice internal pocket for your wallet.  Fits in all of the carts I have used.  Rides well in the trunk of my mid sized sedan.  You'll love it, worth the wait while they make the one you want.


  6. Cody W

    Steve, Great point. Being that I am just starting to research the options, I appreciate the input and always look to keep money local if I can.

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