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Titleist bag of choice?

Cody W

TT, I am in the market for a Titleist golf bag to sport around my new AP2s. I would like to get opinions on different Titleist bags. I am having a hard time deciding between the Mid Size Staff Bag and the Tour inspired Stand Bag. Any comments would be appreciated.

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  1. B.A.

    I thought about the two as well. I ended up with the Staff Stand Bag and I love it. My AP2s and all my other T clubs look great in it. 

    I could not be happier.


  2. Speedy

    Hey Cody,

    IMO, it really depends if you're going to carry or use a push cart.   I use a push cart so i would get the stand bag.  It's amazing how many pockets you get for all your stuff (rain gears, balls, etc.).   I also like the dividers, big fan of that.

     Good luck with your choice!

  3. Spudstarch

    If you have a regular caddie, I would go with the staff bag as it has a single strap as I have heard that is the preferred strap system for them.  If you carry the bag yourself, go with the backpack strap staff stand bag.

    Make sure to check out the divider system for both, as you may have a preference for the 6-way or 4-way, which will make all the difference for displaying and organizing your clubs.

    Style wise, the midsize bag is more classy/traditional and the stand bag is a bit more contemporary/sporty.

    My 2 cents.

  4. Mike C

    Personally, if you want the staff bag look, I would go with the regular staff bag.  This is pretty much a bag that you don't want to carry because it is so heavy.  The 9.5 inch size seems to work a little better on a cart in my experience than the 10.5 inch version.  I have a 9.5 and 10.5 (from different years and styles) but I have never owned a midsize staff bag.  Both of these bags can be personalized with your name on the front panel when you special order from a Titleist retailer.

    Even though I have the staff bags as an option, most of the time, I use the lightweight stand bag.  This is easy to carry if you walk and just a lot lighter in general if you are carrying your bag around, outing it on a cart, etc.  I tend to reserve the use of the staff bag for special occasions.

  5. Speedy

    In my last post i screwed up.  If you were using a push cart, get the Mid Size Staff Bag, not stand bag.  My apology.

    Good luck!

  6. Z

    Okay, here goes...

    I have a problem...I admit it.

    To hold my Titleist clubs and balls...

    2013 Premium Stand Bag (14-way, equivalent of Sun Mountain Hybrid) for rounds when I know I will be riding.

    2014 Lightweight 14-Way Stand Bag for rounds when I am walking/pushing, or unsure whether I will be riding or not.

    2014 Premium Carry Bag for rounds at executive courses with friends who are just getting started.

    Now the real problem...I have fallen in love with the Staff Stand Bag, and may be picking one up. I think the Staff Stand Bag combines the best of both worlds and gives you options, and allows you to set the bag down just about anywhere without worrying about uneven surfaces. Plus, it's a beautiful bag.

    But honestly, either way, you can't go wrong.

  7. Allen L

    Cody, there are some good choices with Titleist bags.  I have a full 14 clubs.  I play mostly on foot on weekdays and carry a Staff Stand Bag.  The staff stand bag has an excellent strap system with two straps over the shoulders which balances the weight and actually makes my back feel good as I play.  I have not tried this bag on a pull/push cart.  I use Jumbo Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips, they can at times get snagged in there if I carry all 14 clubs, but most of the time I'm playing a course where I only carry 12 clubs and there are no problems with pulling out clubs at 12, my wifes 14 regular grips are no problem in the staff stand bag.  If there is a chance of rain, my Aussie hat, jacket, and pants fit in the bag ok.  When I bought this bag I was also looking at the mid sized staff bag and getting a pull cart, one more thing in the trunk with the cart, when I tried the staff stand bag and got the straps adjusted just right, put some clubs in and walked around the shop (Golfsmith), I was sold on the stand bag.  Hope this helps some.

  8. george t

    Both of those bags you list look awesome; I'd be inclined to go with the Stand Bag.  I have the premium stand bag and think it's a great bag.  I use a push cart and though the bag does spin a little during a round, I feel a stand bag is the best way to keep the club heads from clanging into your shafts (when using a cart).  Plus, if I'm just going to the range, the stand bag is ideal for setting up next to your station.  I've even clipped my iPhone to the bag and taken video when I'm trying to figure something out.

  9. Ricky H

    I have the 14 way cart bag and like it a lot!  That being said, I am on my way now to pick up the staff stand bag.  I just love the way it looks and the weight is perfect.  

  10. B.A.

    So it's clear... the Staff Stand Bag really is the best of both. It does NOT have anything that sticks out at the bottom to actuate the stand. The entire bottom of the bag moves... It's rather impressive! You need to see it.

    It fits into a cart (pull/push/drive), you can carry it, it looks like a smaller Staff Bag but is still more than roomy enough for everything. And it's beautiful! 

  11. Tom B

    Got to agree. I have the mid-staff bag for my push cart and when riding. It has so much room and is laid out just great. I have a staff stand bag with TT logo on order, again because I love the way it's laid out and the traditional look, for when I'm lugging it around. I've have bad luck with bags that have the external "foot" on the bottom, breaking etc. The staff stand bag doesn't have that. The ultra light weight stand bag is nice and light but too small and while the lightweight stand bag is better it's still got the "foot" The staff stand bag is the best of both worlds, It's a little heavier than the lightweight stand bag, about half a pound, but has great room and flat bottom. Looking forward to it.
  12. jim k

    i just ordered my AP1 irons and i can't put my new irons in an old bag so i  ordered the 14 way stand bag!!! 

  13. Tim Tiger

    The Staff Stand Bag is a great product for walking or riding.  It also fits on my Clicgear cart when I use it.


  14. Chin T

    Hi Cody,

    Personally, I'd go with the 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag because I don't like my clubs clunking around so much.  Aesthetically, I would go with the Staff stand bag.  Tough call. But if they had the club dividers in the staff stand bag as well............



  15. Barry B

    If you walk most of the time, then the Tour Stand Bag might be the best choice, but if you ride more, then the Mid Size Staff Bag might be the best.  Either way, I don't think you can go wrong.

    I like to walk as much as possible and just ordered a 2014 lightweight stand bag.


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