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Great weekend with friends!

Bubba Certified Titleist Fitting Professional Team Titleist Staff

Hey Everyone, 

I just wanted to share some pictures from a recent weekend of golf I just spent with my great friends from college (Indiana University).

When we were Juniors, we started a tradition of playing a Ryder Cup style event. It was just four of us at first, but since then it has grown to include another foursome, allowing for even more competition and trash talking. The group flew in from Chicago and Indianapolis to enjoy two days of golf in Providence. We played Pawtucket Country Club and Swansea CC, both of which were awesome places to hold the intense competition. 

I have included a collage of pictures of my team. We were the victors thanks to Bryan McCarthy's unbelievably clutch 15 foot downhill slider on the final hole to win by 1/2 point. Needless to say, we went nuts!

And of course we were sporting the Titleist and FJ gear!

Hope all of you get the chance to play soon. 

Enjoy the PGA Championship.


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  1. Tim Tiger

    Awesome event.  Hopefully it will continue to grow.  And hopefully you will get out in the sun more often.  hahahahah


  2. Mike M

    Looks like everyone had a great time, Thanks for Sharing !



  3. Tyler H

    Looks like you had a great time Bubba. Congrats on being part of the victorious team.


  4. Speedy

    Thanks for sharing Bubba!  Good stuff and glad you had a great time.. Sounds like a great event

  5. Mike C

    Hey Bubba - Looks like you guys had a great time!

     I grew up in Indianapolis and went to Indiana University for my undergrad but don't remember a lot of guys wearing pink team shirts back in the day (please keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who has both pink shirts and pants in the closet).  What about the old cream and crimson?

    Glad to see you have a great group of friends from the college days and it's great you guys all get together like this.

  6. andy r

    Thanks for sharing the photos, Looks like a great time was had by all. Furthermore with everyone using Titleist equipment I am sure many quality golf shots were hit !!

  7. Hotsauce

    That's an awesome tradition.  Thanks for sharing!

  8. Allen L

    Hey Bubba, thanks for sharing the Indiana outing.  It's just great when good friends get together and play golf.  And, you played Swansea, I used to live a couple miles from Swansea CC in Barrington, one of my favorite courses when I lived up there.  Will be playing there with some friends prior to the TT New England Invitational.  Hope you had some local clam cakes and chowder.

  9. Scott S

    Looks like yall had a great time Bubba!! That is wonderful! We are playing this weekend (barring any unforeseen weather) for a buddys birthday! Im pretty excited about it, I haven't hit in about a month or so! Glad yall had a good time!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  10. Ryan B

    Very cool!

    PS: That LH driver looks good too! Speeder?

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