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Anyone else picking up the new thing for putting called Aimpoint?  Not sure if it's ever been discussed on here so i apologize if i'm bringing it up again.  My buddy told me about it a few weeks ago and then last night Golf Channel was raving about it.   I've read about it online but it really doesn't say much.  I guess Adam Scott uses it. 

Has anyone else heard about this or possible taken a class on this?  I heard there's a class down by the Cape in Mass., 2 hour session for 200 bucks.  

Just curious.

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  1. Trish A

    I took the Aimpoint instruction last year - it was pricey and a bit cumbersome. Some things were helpful but I honestly didn't implement the full program. Now they've introduced a new version this year which is supposed to be significantly less complicated. Because I took the instruction last year, I was offered a "discount" to take it again, but not enough to get me back. If I had been offered the opportunity for a small fee, I may have done it, as I'm curious about what has changed.

  2. andy r

    I have messed around with it and it is definitely effective on sloping greens and/or putts with a great deal of break. I have watched some you tube videos and read up on it, simple and makes sense.

    Basically find a flat point and kinda work backwards from there, using your fingers to measure the degree of break. Worth a look for sure

  3. Peter H

    I have taken the new easier version and it has helped me so much, i highly recommend it.

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