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Long Ball!

Matt H

Hey Team Titleist, Just curious....for all you big bombers out there (avg. 300+ yard carry distance), what ball do you use and what driver, shaft, loft, etc. do you currently have in the bag? I hit NXT Tour S with a TM R11, open face with the higher loft setting. I have a Grafalloy Blue 75: S 0.335 0.605 46" 74g and a Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound grip. With this set up, I average 310-315 carry distance. Can't wait to hear your feedback! Matt

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  1. Scott S

    WOW!!!! Ive got a lot of work to do to hit like that.....I hit average 275-280 carry, Im only 5'6" tall, and my swing probably needs some help, but this weekend I hit a 300+ yard drive, I was estatic!!! Ive changed my swing a lot, and finally got to a point where I am making a full swing, so I think that had the most to do with it.  I hit a TM R9, 10.5* stiff flex stock shaft (cant remember the name of it) Neutral setting for the face, I am in the process of re-gripping it......


    Keep the bombs coming Matt!!!!

  2. Andrew A

    I tend to carry it 290 to 310.  I game an 8.5 degree TM R1 (black) with the Matrix 8M3 Black Tie shaft x-stiff (cut down to 44 inches) and GP Multi-compound grip.  

  3. Scott S


     did you notice more control when you cut the shaft down to 44 inches? I am choking down on my R9 about an inch and actually not only increased my distance (mainly because I didn't slice) but hit much straighter when I did that. Its due a new grip anyway so I was planning on cutting it off from the handle end.....Not trying to hijack the thread, just curious is all

  4. Andrew A


    That was the intent of going down to 44" and it has worked quite well.  I have found that many more fairways have hit and that there is less spin (side spin) on the ball as a result.  

  5. B.A.

    I'm about 300 carry and then usually at least a little roll. I'm hitting a 913 D3 8.5 degree with a Diamana D+ 72 X-Stiff, standard length. I have it set at the D-2 setting, so that's another .75 degrees less loft. I use Golf Pride Multi-Compound grips.  

    I also use  ProV1 ball (I do not get as much distance with the Prov1X). 

    My main issue right now is the second shot!

    I propose a new amateur rule that says if you hit it 300+ in the fairway, you get a 1-stroke drop on the green.


  6. Matt H

    Andrew, If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you to cut down your shaft to 44? I'm 5'11" and I am curious to see if I take 2" off what kind of difference it would make. To be honest, sacrificing a few yards to improve FIR would be a very wise decision. Thanks! Matt
  7. Chris92009

    I use the Titleist D3 9.5 driver with a UST Pro Force V2 76 X-Stiff shaft and get about 280 carry out of this basic combination. 

  8. Andrew A


    I'm 6'2" tall and don't really miss the inch off the length of the club.  I am much more confident with the slightly shorter club and feel in more control.  I too am willing to sacrifice 5-7 yards to play from the fairway resulting in more GIR's.

  9. Joseph C

    I carry it a long way, and routinely have drives that end up at 315-330. I hit a TM R11, 9 degree, X-Flex and I usually play ProV1x OR TM PentaTP5 golf balls.
  10. Scott S

    Thank you very much for the info......guess I know what I will be doing when I get back from the long weekend!!

    Thank you Andrew!

  11. MikeC

    How do you cut them down?  As in what device and or how is the extra inch or whatever removed? And do you just regrip as normal once done?

  12. Andrew A

    I used a Drexel but a simple hack saw would work as we'll.  Remove the current grip and remove all the old tape.  Wrap a couple layers of masking tape around the spot you plan on cutting. This will prevent the shaft from splintering.  Replace new grip and swing away. Remember that the new grip will add about 1/8" from the cut point. 

  13. Scott M

    Mike, I would certainly go to a professional club repair/pro shop to have it done and make sure they know what they're doing. Simply cutting and inch off the shaft can drastically change the characteristics of the club based on kick point, etc. I couldn't completely explain it, but it matters. On another note, I am 6' tall but based on my swing, etc, I was fitted to have my AP2's 1/2" short. It hasn't negatively affected me and I would like to actually shorten my driver up as well. I do choke up (a la Anthony Kim) to try and keep it on the planet and even hit 5 wood quite a bit. I do notice a major difference though in swinging easy and choking up and it doesn't really sacrifice and distance. I'm still 275-285 off the tee. -SM

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