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Junior golf tees

Paul A

Im a 13 year old golfer with a 70 mph swing speed. I can shoot a round the high 40s after 9 holes. Im not sure what tees I should be playing. Thanks,


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  1. Andrew A

    It depends on how far you hit you drives and what your typical approach shot length is.  I would suggest playing the tees that allow for approach shots of 6 iron and under in. Your going to grow and get stronger with time and the length will come. Now is a great time to learn to hit greens and distance/spin control. Scoring comes from the green out. Get really good around the greens and as the length comes, you'll shed strokes!

    good luck and keep playing. It only gets better from here!

  2. James E


    That is some good golf. Well done.

    Andrew gives some great advice.

    What do you like most about golf? What clubs are your best and what do you have more trouble with?

    Do you want to have fun or do you want to improve or do you want both?

    Are there any long carries?

    How much strategy do you employ? Do you just hit until you get to the green or do you think about how to best play the hole?

    Do you have a favored distance for you short irons? Do you ever layup to those distances?

    I would add, I think you should play whatever tees you enjoy most firstly. Golf is about having fun really. Then play the tees that will help correct any weaknesses in your game if you want to improve. If you need work on your shot irons play the upfront tees, if you need help in your middle irons play back a bit. If you need/want to work on your longer irons and fairway woods/hybrids then play back further. But if you start having less fun then move forward to enjoy the game more.

    You can always mix and match tees. I know it is not ideal for the handicap system but you can always play a few holes back. For example, say you hit 4 6 irons into the green on a typical 9 hole game. Maybe move back on 2 of those holes so you hit a different club. Or say you have to hit 4 3 woods and the a pitching wedge into 4 greens. Then maybe move up on 2 of those holes so you can hit a different club into those greens. Maybe try to hit as many different clubs into the greens so mixing and matching might make sense.

    I hope this makes sense.

    If you have time, please feel free to write on this thread how you play each hole typically. And we can work out an idea of how to help you find a way to make it more interesting possibly and to also find a way to improve and also have more fun.

    As you get older you'll add length and will naturally move back to longer tees. But in the meantime, it could be more interesting for you to mix some tees.

    You have a lot of talent given how well you score so it sounds like you can take it to the next level and still have a lot of fun. Feel free to post here and let us know how we can help.

  3. Roch A


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