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How do I keep my hands dry on a hot summer day

Gary B

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has trouble keeping their hands dry on a hot summer day. Any tips on what I can do? I have several gloves that I rotate for my left hand and that works, however keeping my right hand dry has been as challenge.



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  1. Frank P

    I sweat like crazy. We havn't had a day under 90 in 2 months here in FL. I change gloves every 6 holes. I also have a big towel to keep drying off my arms and face. Most importantly, HYDRATE. I drink about 3, 16 oz. bottles of water per round.

                                                                                                                       Frank P

  2. Frank F

    I live in Florida as well and find that my hands get wet with sweat dripping down my arms. I've gone to tennis seat bands on my wrists when I'm practicing and hitting balls. They seem to keep my hands much more dry. I usually don't wear one on my left wrist during a round - liberally changing my glove.
  3. Andrew A

    I have the same issue and usually use 2-3 gloves a round. One thing that I have found that works we'll is a small rosin bag.  I purchased a small Adidas rosin bag at Dicks Sporting Goods in the baseball section.  It's about the size of 5 credit cards stacked on one another so fits in the bag and cart well.   It's made a huge difference for me this summer. It's nice to be confident addressing the ball knowing the club will not slip. 

  4. Patrick B

    This might sound funny, but it works for me...... Sprinkle some salt on your hands and rub it in. Salt absorbs moisture.

    i own a landscape & snow service contracting company. During the winter when we are handling salt...  it absorbs moisture out of my boots, gloves, etc. so I tried this for humid days on the golf course, it helps for me. 

    Hope that helps.

  5. James E


    What about trying rain gloves? They work wonderfully in the rain for me so maybe they would work in humid weather as well.

  6. Gary B

    Thanks for the tip Andrew. I will totally try this.


  7. RCCPA

    I often use baby powder, one with talc, in my gloves. It really helps my gloves from getting too much moisture. The excess also helps with the un-gloved hand.

  8. Chris92009

    While I have not used this others have sworn by its effectiveness...Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer...inexpensive and supposedly makes a huge difference!

  9. Todd T

    Spray on deodorant and no glove at all.

  10. SD_Golfer

    I don't have that problem, but I do carry 3 towels with me for each round, I'm sure one absorbent towel would work for your hands, I like the idea of switching gloves, I typically keep my glove hanging on a velcro strip on my bag, if it is humid that helps to dry it out between shots

  11. Gary B

    Thanks Chris! I have never heard of this product but I may just have to check it out.


  12. Gary B


    You are lucky you don't have this problem. I live in Kansas City and the last couple weeks have been pushing 100 degrees and very tough to stay dry. I had someone mention a cold wet towel to wipe the hands with then hit them with a dry towel just prior to playing your shot.

    I have a few things to try. Thanks!


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