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Titleist Golf Ball Lamp Would Like Info

Steve J

I while back I purchased a Titleist Golf ball lamp at an estate sale, the lamp is shaped like a golf ball and is 42 inches round and about 14 inches tall. It is on a solid oak base and then has two solid oak pieces that make up the top part of the lamp. The golf ball is marked Titleist 3 and the oak parts are marked made by Dunning Industries, this is a very big lamp.

Just trying to find out any information on this interesting lamp, when it was made and for who, how old, etc. I tried researching on web and could not find anything about it, so any info would be appreciated.




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  1. Nick P

    Sounds like a neat lamp.  Can you post some photos of it for us?  Click on the filmstrip tab on the far right of the reply box to do it.

  2. Steve J

    Here is a picture, the golf ball is 42 inches round.   I need to decide weather to keep or sell, it has been sitting around for a while, trying to find out when and what it was made for.   Thanks for any info.                               

  3. Daniel A

     That is a GREAT  fricking lamp! If you are gonna sell it if you haven't already I would be happy to take it off your hands. Let me know. My e-mail is

  4. Samuel P

    Id take it too.  Looks like something out of Ty Webb's house in Caddyshack 2

  5. Steve J

    Open to offers on the lamp, if interested let me know.

  6. Tabitha B

    I purchased this same lamp from a church yard sale.  Were you able to find any information about it?

  7. James B

    Thats a nice lamp. I have't seen any others like that. Did someone make that themself or was it something that was actually sold in the stores ?
  8. Ms. M

    I'm very happy I found this posting. I recently acquired TWO of these awesome lamps. The only additional information that I have found so far is that these were promotional lamps and not sold on a grand scale in the retail market. I'm still doing research on them but will be listing them on a couple of sites for sale. (Still debating on keeping one of them!) It definitely gives off that 'Caddyshack' feel.

    If anyone is interested, feel free to post something here and I will give you more info.

    On a side note, I may have found a wonderful father's day gift for my golf-crazed dad!   :D

  9. M Y

    Do you still have either of the lamps?  I'd like to purchase one or both. M

  10. M Y

    If you still have one or both and would like to sell, please let me know.  M

  11. Geoffrey B

    That looks really cool. Wish I had one

  12. Hayes H

    i would love the lamp -- I ordered one for my son for his birthday and just received it anne was broken in a million pieces.  Please let me know if you still have one available.



  13. Hayes H

    if you still have this lamp II would love to buy it!! I am desperately looking for one!! We ordered one on eBay and when they shipped it to us it was crushed during shipping.  It was for my sons birthday and he is very upset about it!! Please call me about buying it!!!



  14. Bill P

    Post is out dated but I have a titleist golf ball lamp.

  15. Paul H

    I am looking for one to give to my son for his 15th birthday...Please send me Reply or call my mobile 512 413 7285.  

    Thanks.  Paul

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