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Poll : Thanks Team Titleist, Which is the crowd favorite

Dwayne N

 I came home last night to a surprise package from the fine folks at Team Ttileist. A new TT lanyard. Now which do you guys like.

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  1. CoolBreeze

    Personally, the white is my choice but either one will do...its Titleist!!!

  2. Chuck Z

    The white lanyard is a nice change. Clean and has the TT logo. Completely different. I love wearing them to golf tournaments, especially when I am working as a volunteer. Love the oooohs and aaaawhs.
  3. steve b

    Make mine white.   steve b

  4. Speedy

    I agree with everyone else, white is my choice but afraid to wear it and get it dirty..   I wear my black one to work... 

  5. Keith M

    I just got the white one in the mail the other day.  I'm a little concerned about it possibly getting dirty, but I wear it to work with pride, regardless.  I do really like the black as well.  I'm not going to complain, TT was kind enough to send this to me, and it's much appreciated.

  6. Tom Y

    Received mine yesterday!  Thank you, Team Titleist!

  7. Jim S

    Thanks for the surprise I received today from Team Titleist. I will proudly wear it so everyone will know which equipment I play. It is the best. Thanks again Jim S.
  8. Marc W

    I voted black mostly because I feel the white one will get dirty!  I also received a white one two days ago.  Thanks TT!  My friend who plays TM is jealous!

  9. Golfnut4

    Got my white one in the mail today. Love it. Thank you TT
  10. Greg T

    Love the white one that we received but the black one is awesome as well!!

    Thanks again Team Titleist!

  11. pauldrue

    I like white, but that is only because I got a white one in the mail the other day!


    What an awesome community!


  12. Todd T

    Came home today and a white lanyard was delivered... What a shock and I'm most thankful, Thx TT!

  13. Dan S

    Congrats, but I'm be with the "black" (because it wont get dirty as fast crowd)

  14. John Hollands

    Why not: Option C?  BOTH!

  15. Cole W

    I definately like the white one the best, clean look plus the TT logo, what could be better!  Stands out for sure!

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