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Team Titleist Bag Tag

Thomas T

Hello Team Titleist Members:

I was so happy today when I discovered that I received my Team Titleist bag tag in the mail. Thank you Titleist! I am proud to be part of Team Titleist.

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  1. Jeffery M

    Congrats to you!! Enjoy, it will look great on your bag!!
  2. Andrew A

    I was just about to post teh same thing. LOVE IT!!!
    Doubles as a sweet putting disc as well.
    Well done Titleist!!!
  3. Chuck Z

    Sweet. Those must be the new ones. That would look great on my "Folds of Honor" tournament bag this is accompanied with my limited edition "2016 Open Championship" head covers.
    Post Image
  4. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    Awesome! Glad you guys like the new bag tags.

    All the best,
    Team Titleist Staff
  5. Mike W

    Thank you very much Team Titleist for the bag tag I received today!!! What a great surprise!
  6. Steve R

    Abby, awesome tags. Y'all always share the best TT items.
  7. Gabe B

    Looks great I hope to see one soon.
  8. B.A.

    Was a little sad so see this thread, thinking, "man, I wish I'd get one o those..." AND THEN I GOT HOME!

    Thank you Team Titleist!

    Love it!

  9. rymail00

    Wow, that's cool as heck!!!
    Are they selling them? I'd love one on my staff bag.
  10. John G

    That looks good! How come it's not on your bag??
  11. Bryson T

    Yes just got mine!! Titleist is the only way to go
  12. Steve S

    After last weekends snow storm, 22 degrees on Monday, rain Tuesday and Wednesday the course where I work was more like a swamp than a golf course. Today, 62 degrees, and by 8:00am, the parking lot was full. What a week. But today when I arrived home, there was a package from Acushnet. Thank You TT for the new bag tag. It made my day to say the least. So proud to be a member of TT.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  13. Bryson T

    Got mine too!!! Titleist is the only way to go
  14. Kyle J

    I received mine today as well!!! SO COOL!! My brothers both play titleist clubs and ball and they will be jealous and will probably be joining Team Titleist soon!!
  15. James H

    Congrats. Love the look of the new tags
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