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Bag Tag

Nick W

Thank you Team Titleist!!! Got my bag tag in the mail today. Switched my entire bag to Titleist last year after only have the 712ap2's. Broke 80 for the 1st time in 3 years on Monday and bag tag today. Titleist has a life long fan here. Y'all do a great job!!!!!

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  1. Jason B

    I have the old plastic bag tag and am still waiting to replace it with the new one!
  2. Kelly H

    Awesome!!! Super Jealous!!!
  3. BK

    The new bag tags look sweet. That'd be a great surprise to get one in the mail.
  4. Mason M

    Any chances of a bag tag for me, profile 100% complete:)
  5. Marino C

    How do you get the bag tags and other gear etc... lanyard, other tags, testing balls?
  6. Andrew E

    I still have the old plastic one and would like to replace it with new one as well.

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