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Club Stamping


Has anyone experimented with stamping their own clubs? If so, how difficult was it to do and do you have any tips? I'm very interested in attempting this on my own.

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  1. JReeter

    This is going to be harder than you think, all stamping would be done prior to club assembly, using a jig to hold the head flat, on a very very stable work surface, stable enough to keep the head being stamped from jumping during the stamping stroke, there is a ad on tv showing a tour players head getting stamped, you'll need all the goodies shown in the ad. Best of luck!
  2. joshawoodward

    A.D. (@Vokeywedgerep) is the best and most creative in the business. If you watch the "Behind-The-Scenes Tour of the Titleist Tour Van" video on YouTube from 03/10/15, starting at the 1:08 minute mark you'll see the magnetic pad he uses for the stamping process. One day, I'm going to build my own workshop at home that is a nearly exact replica of the Titleist Tour Van.
  3. Mike r

    I do my own....however Im a tool and die maker and its easy for me and I use testers paint to fill the stamping. Looks Awesome #TT
  4. Tyler H

    It isn't as hard as you think. Just some good stamps, a heavy mallet and a sturdy surface is all you really need. There are plenty of videos on the web from the likes of Scotty Cameron or Aaron Dill stamping putters and wedges to give you an idea of what is needed and the tecnique.

    One thing I would recommend is practicing on an old wedge to get the hang of it. I like Young Bros Stamps.

    Best of Luck
  5. Brian C


    I actually just did my wedges this past weekend. I brought home my steel stamps from work. I used double sided sticky tape ( used for laying carpet) in two layers on a stable surface. Held the head steady for the stamping. If you have a table that is very sturdy I would even attempt a clamp if you have one. Overall I love how it turned out.
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  6. Darron K

    Mike r

    I do my own....however Im a tool and die maker and its easy for me and I use testers paint to fill the stamping. Looks Awesome #TT

    Hey Mike, what paint fill do you use. I've done mine but I use acrylic and modge podge. Is there something else that I can use without having to use modge podge? Thanks!
  7. LBazzard

    Brian C - amazing job, thanks for sharing
  8. rob m

    I recently made a purchase of some stamps from Harbor Freight. It was quite easy to stamp my initials onto my Vokeys. I used nail polish as the paint fill. I placed the wedge face flat on a 2x4 and used a dead blow hammer. Fantastic results!
  9. LBazzard

    Bought an acrylic paint pen last week, cleaned my wedges with acetone, filled in the paint which was worn with the pen, cleaned off the excess and low and behold I have great looking wedges for a £6 paint pen and a little bit of elbow grease. Stamps on order...

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