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Ever swing good mis hits?

Joshua B

It poured yesterday and was cold and foggy here in New England this morning (Saturday). Half of my foursome didn't even bother to show, but that's besides the point. In 9 holes I couldn't remember hitting a driver or iron and having it feel good and/or carry the distance I intended. The weird thing is I shot a 40 with 3 pars and 1 birdie! Walked out feeling bad, but they say lucky is better than good in golf. Has this ever happened to you? If so was it isolated or for a period of time? Just overall confused about my game now. I must say though, I did use my TT divot tool and TT ball that may have helped!

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  1. TonyF

    Those types of days happen to me more than I want to admit. Most of the time my problem is, I can't get off the tee with a decent Driver shot. My golf mentor (good freind and GREAT golfer) has told me repeatedly, "It's Golf, you're gonna have bad days". I try to keep that in mind when I have a day go sour on me. If the day goes bad and I'm just out with the guys, I'll turn it into a Golf Improvement Day and not worry about the score.
  2. kbsmth

    The day that this happened to me, was the day I shot the lowest 9 of my life. I hit shots directly into the trees only to be spit back out into the fairway. I hit a shot onto another tee box near the green, and got up & down for birdie. I sprayed a tee shot on a par 5 just far enough right to hit the cart path and bounce at least 8 times and put me almost pin high, where I got up & down for eagle. I bladed my 8 iron on a par 3, sending it sailing over the green, until it hit the fan and bounced back onto the green about 35 feet from the hole - which I rolled in for birdie in total disbelief. I couldn't miss a shot if I tried - I just sat back and enjoyed the ride to 32.

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