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Rename TPI "Total Performance Institute"??

Don O

I had the opportunity last fall to go to Oceanside for 917 fittings. Dino moved my driver from 180 to 200 yards. Pretty impressive, right down to a smash factor on the longest of 1.52. Unfortunately, club head speed was only just about 80, and had been 86 6 years ago. Just a recommendation that after 60 - rethink what you have and consider getting fit if it has been 10 years since your last.. The 917 maxed out my swing, so the only way up is regaining some speed. I increased my workouts after the season and added a TPI instructor in March. Have been through 2 months. While I haven't had a speed measurement, I'm hitting 220-230 this year, with a 240 max. That should be close to getting that 6 mph back. We've measured more hip rotation with the instruction. While this was an off-season effort, it will be a long-term lifestyle change. The right exercises to match one's body are really making a difference. Harder than a new driver, but greater potential.

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  1. Chris R

    Nice feedback Don. The most important piece of equipment you have is not in your bag, it is you. It does not matter if you have the greatest equipment in the world, if you cannot apply the necessary force/speed/power to that golf ball all is for naught.
  2. vurich

    Don, congrats! I've been going to Dino since 2010. He's the best there is. I also did a total fitness evaluation at TPI. Really brought to light what I needed to work on and improve. I highly recommend a total fitting and fitness evaluation at TPI. It's a full day at Titleist and is a golf dream come true!
  3. MLB12


    That is great congrats.
  4. Darryl M

    Great information Don, I need to look into finding a TPI instructor somewhere near me, but in Kansas we lack a lot of quality golf opportunities. I do workout 4 times a week doing mostly core 3 of the 4 days & full body all 4 of those days. but I am sure I'm missing out on some things I need to improve my swing speed in my lower body. Hip rotation is good (44) & so is shoulder (89)
  5. Emil S

    Congratulations on taking your step towards better health Don! Playing better golf is a lovely side-effect, and if it's your golfgame that gets thinking and acting on your health it's as good as anything!
    Keep up the good work!
  6. etakmit

    Don, congrats on the gains. More importantly you're going to be in better shape and likely even a bit healthier! Always good things.

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