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Well about the Bag tag again... Non U.S citizen?

Viktor S

Is it even possible to get a TT bag tag if you´r not living in the U.S? Say... Sweden ;)

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  1. Jaime L

    I can hook you up man. Anything for a fellow TT member.
  2. Kristofer C

    I desperately want one too. Can't find anything about how to get one outside of the U.S
  3. Emil S

    I've seen people from the UK who have gotten bag tags and such. As a fellow Swede I also want to know these things.
    However I'm afraid that it's the regional branches of Titleist that do this themselves, the UK&Ireland for example have a instagram account for themselves and seem to have a TT Forum aswell. However when you enter the Swedish Titleist site there are no 'Discussions' or forums at all to participate in which is a real shame.
    Can anyone from Titleist please confirm or debunk my theory?
  4. zak W

    Would also love a bag tag, no idea how to get one outside of the US.
  5. Edward D

    How do I get a hole in one bag tag?
  6. Sam R

    @Edward D - just add you hole in one story here:

    Then you should see a link to order your bag tag, I've just added my latest hole in one so hopefully i'll be getting one soon!

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