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Jeffery M

Any TT members keep track of their stats during a round? Example FIR, GIR, putts per round. I've been doing this the last few years to see where I need to improve during the season. My biggest achievement this year is to keep my putts per round under 30. I've figured by doing this I'm shooting in the mid 70's. Still need to improve on the others but this shows me my putting and wedge game is getting better.

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  1. JSeltzer

    I do actually on average 11 fairways and 14 greens. I can drive a few par 4's and what not. I excel in my short game(145 - pin) I tend to hit them quite close to the hole so I have a lot of 1 putts. on average per 18 holes, I have about 26 putts a round
  2. Joseph M

    I do as well. Every round I play I mark my Fairways, GIR, Up&Downs, sand save and putts. then I take notes with my misses so I know what to improve on and focus on during my range sessions and practice sessions during the week before I go play again.
  3. masamitsu

    I started using get real golf stats at the tail end of the summer and have been impressed with the information available. the app is very easy and quick to use during the round.
  4. Rick F

    I track my stats on my scorecard too, fairways, putts, penalties and then enter the data into The website calculates GIR, sand saves, etc. and depending on where you live they can also issue USGA handicaps. They have lots of other stats and trend graphs that really help show what you do well and not so well and also tracks historical achievements like lowest score, most number of pars/birdies/eagles per round. They have been expanding the stats section pretty steadily over the last year or two and I really like the website.
  5. vurich

    Team Titelst used to have a stats page that I used extensively. They've since done away with this wonderful resource a few years ago, so I put together my own stat sheet and designed it for EXCEL and I just input my stats after every round. I love stats. Love numbers. They never lie and give me invaluable info that I can look at month to month, year to year. As a matter of fact, I brought my stat sheet into Dino the last time I had my complete fitting at TPI. Dino used this info to help me further dial in my clubs. Doing stats is not much extra work and gives one insights and even more tools into one's game.
  6. B.A.

    I keep track as well. I only WISH I could putt under 30 per round. I've only done that a few times. Nice work!
  7. Jack H

    I keep everything as well and appreciate the feedback it provides. Right now I need to drastically improve my GIR count. I have put a ton of work in on my short game, which has saved more than one round!
  8. Speedy

    I have an app and love it... Definitely lets you know what you need to improve on and boy do I need to improve my putting and recovery...
  9. Chuck Z

    I use to, but found myself focusing more on the stats than the game itself. Now I just go play and have fun and the rest takes care of itself. My mind can wander and I had a tendency to worry about the stats when I played and I did not need that.
  10. colin b

    I use gamegolf which uses tags to measure distances on course and tracks fairways, GIR , sand saves and putting and then can look at them in isolation or say last 10 or 20 rounds
  11. Dr O

    You are on the right track, lower your putts lower your scores! I would make note on days your putts are lower did you miss more greens? Hit more greens on rounds with more putts? This all plays into account. If you miss every green, but get up and down 50% of the time you will have less then 30 putts, but your score may not be what you want. Don't get me wrong putting is key just don't forget the big picture. I like to walk and in between shots I can make notes on the card (when playing alone). How many putts did you miss inside 5'? If you had a 3 putt was it from 15' feet or 40'? When you find your weakness' look for drills to practice.
  12. Joey L

    I keep my stats on my scorecard. Shows me areas that I need to work on. I think that its essential to improve your game.
  13. richbow9

    Far too much effort to be fiddling about with stats. I know in my own head what I need to work on to improve my game
  14. Allen L

    I use the Titleist Advanced Score Card. Track Fairways, greens hit, sand saves, par saves, and putts. All goes into an Access database and then exported into an Excel worksheet. I have three years of data and like to compare by month and year.

    I also like to do a Trackman session every spring and fall. There is a lot to learn from their analysis. It points out swing flaws that needs attention.

    Keeping stats is a good way to see where your game needs improvement. If you take lessons it is good to have your pro look over your stats to give him an idea of where a lesson could help most.
  15. Darren B

    I keep track of my stats using an app called the grint. It's great to get a look at what you need to work on.
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