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Lucky Headcovers!

Kelly H

So I had seen these online but they were outrageous.... with little to no hope I called my local club to see if it may be possible... they said let us call you back tomorrow... sure enough after 4 weeks they had them... stoked!!! But they don't match my bag so going to build around the covers... current titleist bags don't really do it for these...

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  1. Barry B

    Very nice! When your bag is complete post some pics for us to see the end result.
  2. Tyler H

    Great looking set of headcovers. I have been fortunate enough to get both the 2016 and 2017 sets of the US Open limited headcovers.
  3. greg p

    Nice choice. I like how you finagled your way into getting a new bag, too. Well done.
  4. Chuck Z

    Those head covers appear to be red/white/and blue which would be absolutely awesome with the Titleist Tour "Folds of Honor" bags, if you could get one of those. They cannot be purchased thru Titleist. I suppose there are two head covers in this set. I have the Open set in Navy and Khaki that I use with FOH my bag. Check with your club and see when they will be running the FOH lottery and give it a try or check on eBay and see if you can purchase one there. See pixs below think you will agree they would be a good match. Good luck. A friend game me mine, because I am a veteran.
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    Post Image
    Post Image
  5. Kelly H

    Post pics of the other ones.... Going to try and get a scotty hybrid cover from us open that will go with this set theme...
  6. No'l

    What a real nice head cover- congrats!
  7. JRDotel


    Those head covers are sweet! What bag will you transition to?

  8. Kelly H

    So far I'm leaning towards the sun mountain (former mfg of titleist bags) C130 that is the patriotic colors. I would like the C130S but that color isn't offered. I really like the blue on those head covers and if I could find something in that color I would make it work!
  9. John O

    Nice job turning it into a new bag too!

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