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What is your max holes in a day?

Joshua B

My job role has recently changed and requires me to work an occasional Saturday, causing a random free Thursday off. Yesterday was that random day off and I woke up early and decided to maximize the warm (95°) weather with a 2 course 36 hole bender before 5, when wife gets home. I've done it whole on golfcations with my foursome but for some reason this time wore me down to a nub. Struggling today, hands sore, legs tired, motivation to give 110% is pretty much out the window. I've heard of golfaholics who go on a crazy day playing a ludicrous amount of golf. So TTers...what's the most amount of holes you played in one day?

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  1. Andrew A

    When I was in middle and high school, I often played 63-72 holes per day. I never exceeded 72 in a day but sure miss those days for sure!!
  2. Barry B

    The most holes I've played in a day is 45. The temp was considerably cooler than your 95 (65 for the hi), which made it easier. The first 32 holes were good, but the last 13 was really just a waste of time.
  3. vurich

    Played 63 holes on Thursday. Have done that a few other times. Because of my strength and stretching routine (daily), I have zero health problems. Oh, and I'm 55 years old.
  4. greg p

    36 walking. Then I need a nap.
  5. Adam E

    Wow Joshua, you are getting old. Just Kidding. The only issues I have playing multiple rounds is my hands get a little raw because I don't wear a glove, just tape.
  6. Tyler H

    36 walking and 72 in a cart for me.
  7. masamitsu

    The most I've done is 54 but that was with a cart. I'm sure I could walk 36 (depending on the course) but not 54. That would be tough.
  8. No'l

    Awesome, Vurich! Not having any health issues at later age is the key.

    Anyway, it wasn't long ago when 54 holes was "almost" at a regular Saturday with the guys... a lot of fun!
  9. JRDotel

    Andrew A

    When I was in middle and high school, I often played 63-72 holes per day. I never exceeded 72 in a day but sure miss those days for sure!!

    Andrew A,

    DUDE! My mouth dropped when I read this. Was this walking as well? Man, props to you man! I have never done more than 45. Maybe I should be pushing myself a bit.

  10. Todd S

    I've managed 45 holes twice
  11. Greg L

    Joshua, thanks for asking - 72 is on now on my bucket list! 45 is the most I've played in a day, but I think even at my age, I could handle 54, or 72.
  12. Brock M

    I have managed to get 36 in a few different times. Never really thought about trying to get more than that in a single day. Might have to give 54 a go some time.
  13. Allen L

    Josh you have brought back memories of summer in high school, late 50's early 60's. Me and my buddies would hitch hike to the local 9 holer with sand greens and be there at about sunrise. As I recall we usually got in seven laps. We played for free if we would dust the greens as we played otherwise it was $1 for all day golf.

    Today I walk 18 and maybe once a month do a second round in a cart.
  14. Don O

    You did mention it was 95. That's a serious stress test, especially walking. You have to work hard on rehydration and include some electrolytes. @67 I limit myself to 27, primarily because I can only get out once or twice a week (work is seriously interfering with my game). At 95 I'd limit myself to 18 starting before 7am.
  15. KEVIN Y

    Walked 63 years ago...still walk but now down to 36...I'm 73 and lucky to still get around.
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