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How About a Team Titleist Golf Tournament So.Cal

Kevin B

Love to know how we could form a Southern California Team Titleist Golf Tournament? Perhaps a Team Titleist Staff person could enlighten on how we could get this going.

Be happy to Volunteer my assistance in any way to make this happen over the course of the next year.

Lets do this!


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  1. Dr. Kovatchian

    Wait a few weeks until I get settled....back in Carlsbad!
    I would be up for assisting in any way possible.

    Dr. K
  2. Kevin B

    Cool....Our Aunt who we care for lives in Carlsbad just off Poinsettia. Hope we can make this happen with some help from Titleist!
  3. Tim Tiger

    Just post for interested players and then set a date. It's just putting in the work to gather players and a course that is time consuming.
    It can still be a TT event even if Titleist isn't giving you items.

  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi, Chris and I would be interested in joining you. Lets see how many players there are and maybe we can hold something in a couple of weeks? Shadowridge GC is always an option as a course. I don't yet know the cost, but can follow up with the head pro and let everyone know.
  5. Kevin B

    Sounds fantastic Cathi!! always felt a So.Cal Titleist event would be wonderful! I'm available to assist in any way and will of course do my best to encourage participation. .

    Anywhere in So. Cal. from June 12th on I can personally make. My wife coming home today from hospital and Chemo is ending soon so I can definitely put energy toward this.

    So LET'S DO THIS TT players in So.Cal!!!!

    Keep us posted as to what you find and those already "in" above here can encourage more participation. Shadow Ridge would be great or any course for that matter. Just having a TT get together will be just the best!

    Thank you Cathi and Chris!!!!!!! Can't Wait!!!!!!
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  6. Kevin B

    Absolutely Tim. I'm ALL IN and ready to put the work in and hope others like yourself with such a great attitude will #MakeThisHappen!
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  7. Kevin B

    Dr. K Sounds great! Hope we can count on you too! #LetsMakeThisHappen
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  8. Dr. Kovatchian

    Sounds Great!!!
    I'll be in transition from June 14th thru the clubs will be on a moving truck somewhere between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Swami's.
    That being said I would love to participate any way possible.


    Dr. K
  9. Kevin B

    Calling ALL Southern California TT Members! Cathi and Chris of TT has offered their assistance and would be interested in joining us.

    Lets see how many players there are and maybe we can hold something after Fathers Day? Cathi has suggested Shadowridge GC which she said is always an option as a course.

    Cathis has also kindly offered to follow up with the head pro and let everyone know details and cost.

    Let's Do This So. Cal TT Members. Be a great time to play some golf, actually meet one another and share our equipment in person. I will be happy to take all the photos and post a specific TT Get Tournament and Get Together page.

    Thanks in advance to Cathi and Chris for your enthusiastic response and assistance in making this happen.

    Lets Tee it Up TT So. Cal Members!!!
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  10. Christian G

    I'm definitely in as well. This would be a lot of fun.
  11. Adam E

    I'm in Phoenix but would love to join in. Keep us posted on info or if you need some help.
  12. Kevin B


    As of today working on TT Get-Together Golf Outing with Cathi. Will have an update for you and all the particulars as soon as available!

    Let's GO So. Cal. TT Members this is what it all about. We'll meet, golf, get together and make it a great summer day. Hope if your in So.Cal you'll be able to join us for a fabulous TT golf get together.

    Stay tuned all!

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