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Hip Replacement

Frank P

On May 8th I finally had my right hip replacement surgery. Rehab is progressing, albeit slower than I would like due to a weight restriction on the amount weight I can put on the right leg. This is temporary and once the restriction is lifted, progress will be much faster. Doc says about 4 months to resume full golf swing. Whatever it is, I SHALL RETURN!!!

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  1. CGetsinger

    Had mine replaced January 2016. Best move ever. I had not played much in years. Went full speed ahead in July. I could have done so earlier however work slowed me down.
  2. Brian F

    I didn't have a hip replacement, but I am recovering from knee surgery and have basically lost the month of May. Recovery is going great and I should get the green light to begin (again) dialing in my new AP1's this week :)
  3. Carl T

    I was out of action for about 5 months after shoulder surgery. My rehab was great and I slowly built back my range of motion and strength. Take it slow and try to do a little more each day. You will be back on the course before you know it. Started back putting, then chipping, short pitches and finally full swings, all with Dr's blessing of course.
  4. Bryce M

    Best wishes with a full recovery!
  5. chris b

    Hope your recovery goes well! I have mine scheduled in September. Right hip as well.
  6. kevin g

    Had my THR on November 15 2016 , now I'm back on the links .Played my first round of golf March 29 , 2017 four months and 14 days after THR . Enjoy the journey and play with true friends . You now have a new lease on life.
  7. Frank P

    Thanks to all for the words of encouragement. Doc says no full weight bearing 'til June 20th, then full speed ahead with rehab. For now just muscle stretching.
  8. Frank P

    I'm back! The Doc cleared me to resume golf activities. Chipping & putting, then pitching then working my way thru the bag for the month of August. Then start playing 9 holes 3 days a week for the 1st 2 weeks in Sept. then turn it loose for 18. You don't know how much you miss and love this game until it gets taken away for a while.

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