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Thank You Team Titleist !

Kevin B

Each day after caring for my wife who's recovering from Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and recent Splenectomy, I begin my day with a cup of hot coffee by opening my email to see, read and be greeted with Team Titleist notifications and then click my way to this site where we all gather talk, question and admire all things Titleist. You make my golf passion each day more complete. Thank you all.

I'm not a scratch golfer. I'm a retired, average golfer who's broken 80 twice and continue to practice, fiddle and enjoy the splendor of all the game allows me. To all the golfers who post at Team Titleist who continue to inspire. Thank you all

I've learned about all things balls, clubs, gear, bags, fitting, and of course the unparalleled camaraderie of all at Team Titleist who helped me and lead me to addressing my entire game from the ground up. Thank you all!

Which lead this retired and now obsessed Titleist and Team Titleist devotee, to dreaming of the possibility of receiving some of this "Team Titleist" swag some have claimed magically appears in their mailboxes from time to time. To those who have posted their mailbox surprises, Thank you all!

As one loyal Titleist and TT member, I've just purchased my first complete set of Brand new AP1 716''s, Brand New Vokey set of SM6 Wedges and newly ordered Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag, I want to express my sincerest appreciation for all who make this brand the best, take the time to make even the highest handicap golfer feel like a scratch golfer! To all the fitters and those fitted who've posted their experience, I now know why it's important to be "Custom Fit!" Thank you all!

Thank you TT for this marvelous place to express our passion in every aspect of the game to all the extraordinary gear, equipment and superlative golf balls you produce for all of us to experience the highest quality available in the game.

Being a relatively small part of this unique community that loves the magnificent brand - Titleist -“Serious clubs and gear for Serious Golfers” . . . THANK YOU!

Who knows, perhaps just the suggestion, that nothing say's Team Titleist and Titleist to your mail delivery person, like your own personalized mailbox will see a thing or two from TT to adorn my entirely new set up! ( See Photo Attached)

Happy Golfing TT Members ! We have the best helping us become the best!

Thank you all!

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  1. John B

    First, I wish your wife a speedy recovery.

    Second your thoughts were a great summation of how many of us feel about golf and Titleist. My three boys and myself all play Pro V1s and Titleist equipment and love the game.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts (and great mailbox!)
  2. Brian F

    Here's hoping that your wife continues down the road to recovery and kudos for being the caretaker. I got my AP1's in April and LOVE them. I am recovering from knee surgery and can't wait to get back out and crush the AP1's.
  3. Tom B

    Kevin, thank you for the nice post. Prayers for a speedy, full recovery for your wife. LOVE the mailbox,(forgive me if I steal the design), and I'm sure you'll be rewarded with something from Team Titleist soon. If by some strange reason you fall between the cracks, let me know, and I'll send one of the somethings I've been fortunate enough to have received. Team Titleist and Titleist reps rewarded me along the way.
  4. Dave N

    Nicely written, I hope your "best friend" recovers quickly . Hit um straight, Dave....
  5. Kevin B

    To my new friends & fellow passionate Titleist golfers here at TT, John, Brian Tom Dave my thanks and for your kindness with regard to my best friend in life, my wife. As my bride and I head toward the sunset of our life, we do our utmost to enjoy no matter what!

    I'm a luck guy! She loves that I have an outlet like golf, and a place like TT to discuss and learn how to enjoy the game of golf to the maximum even as we grow older.

    To that end, having just received all 716 AP1 and Vokeys SM6 all custom fit and awaiting my new Titleist bag I can't wait to get to the range at weeks end.

    You can be assured I'll be posting photos.... More to come.

    Enjoy your life and mostly each day! Don't play more than 2 rounds a day! Have fun!
  6. Jack H

    I pray your wife recovers fully and swiftly. Thanks for your kind remarks toward the whole team! I too am thankful that we have such a privilege as Team Titleist. Great to hear from others and learn from everything that is posted! Enjoy your AP1s! Titleist definitely deserves a quadruple "thumbs-up" for the care and quality they show to their customers! Thanks Titleist!

    Also, I must say that I love your mailbox! What a terrific idea! Must bring a smile to fellow TT members who drive by as well!

    Enjoy your season and new set up! Hope your bag arrives soon!

    God Bless,
    - Jack
  7. Allen L

    Kevin, very inspiring message. Hope you and your mate have many years of enjoyment. Wow, Titleist sent you a mailbox? Just kidding. That's a pretty cool mailbox, the envy of Team Titleist members everywhere.
  8. Robert L

  9. chris b

    Team Titleist is such a great place for reasons like this! Such a great community!

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