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Stand bag

harry h

I got a new 2017 stand bag as a gift it's a great bag 14 way model but the stand legs don't go all the way into bag when I carry they hang 6-10 inches down any one had this problem love the bag

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  1. Nicksal9

    You can definitely adjust the straps? but i'm not too sure about the stand legs that sounds pretty interesting.
  2. Tom B

    Move that plastic spacer that is in between the wires that work the the legs. I moved mine up and down and it changed the pressure and pulled the legs further into the bag.
  3. Todd H

    I have a 4 up StayDry bag that is a great bag. But when I carry, the legs do not go up. I too would be interested in how to adjust the legs.
  4. harry h

    Thank you very much it worked thank you so much

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