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TT Concierge My Gratitude & Tip My New Hat To You All!

Kevin B

I arrived home from Cedars Sinai Hospital to gather some things for my wife who is having complications with Cancer and Splenectomy and admitted to emergency yesterday.

As pulled in I saw the delivery man parked outside my home. He handed me a box which I was not expecting and much smaller than the Light Weight Titleist. Cart Bag to arrive Friday. But, it was from Titleist!!!

Once inside I quickly opened it!

Team Titleist Concierge you really GOT ME GOOD and totally unexpected!

Your thoughtfulness could not have had better timing and put a different light on my day going forward!

Grateful beyond words !!!

I returned to my wife wearing my new TT hat and it put a smile on her face too! When my bag arrives in Friday my new TT Bag Tag will adorn my new Titleist bag! And the sticker I'm thinking will find a special place and when found will post it as well!

Team Titleist YOU are the best!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!

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25 Replies

  1. Speedy

    Nice!!! Love the new hat style!

    And praying everything goes well with your wife...

  2. Chris P

    Congrats! Always a Great day when the delivery guy drops a box from Titleist. Prayers and best wishes for your wife.
  3. harry h

    First nothing but the best for your wife , the hat is I think the best titleist has put out forever I want one please How do I get one?
  4. Amanda S

    My thoughts and prayers go out to your wife and you.
  5. John O

    Very cool. Really digging the hat. Best wishes to you and your wife.
  6. Jack H


    That is super. Hat looks great. Enjoy all your new goodies!

    I am sorry to hear about your wife. I will continue to hold her in prayers. I know that God has a plan for all of His Children. God bless you and your wife.

    Romans 8:28
    - “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

  7. chris b

    Love it! The hat is awesome! I always love getting unsuspected packages that say "Titleist" on it.

    (Hint, hint, hint .... Titleist concierges!) LOL!
  8. Darren B

    Very nice! Prayers for your wife.
  9. Curt K

    Hope it gets better with your wife. Stay strong. It is almost like Titleist knew you needed a pick me up. Love the package you received. Wear it proudly!!
  10. Dave D

    this is another example of why TITLEIST is the example of class in the industry. Best to you and your family in the road ahead.
  11. joe t

    Hope all goes well for your wife and your family. From all of us TT members.
  12. nate l

    Wish your wife the best! Hat is awesome! Hoping to see one pop up soon in the mailbox!
  13. Dave N

    Congrats, I hope your wife gets better soon. Dave...
  14. RBH

    Thoughts and prayers for your wife. Anything Titleist is great for the soul. Does your wife golf? Maybe Titleist could come up with a touch for her.
  15. Dwayne N

    Nice looking swag. Prayers and best wishes for you both
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