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Edward K

Having just hit my 50's, the days of the 115-118 club head speed have come and gone! I'm at 108-110. After a surgery next week, and rehab, I WILL get back to 115, maybe more! Any suggestions?

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  1. John O

    Stretch, stretch, stretch, and more stretching! I would also recommend the Titleist Performance Institute for all things golf fitness. They're a great resource!
  2. Stuart B

    Agree with John O, use the TPI, lots a great stuff for rehab, I started using it about Febuary this year and have lost 10lbs and gain a little distance per club.

    Good luck with your surgery Edward.
  3. Don O

    I've worked with a TPI trained instructor this spring, and gotten back most or all of the 7 mph I've dropped over the last few years. For me it focused on core strengthening an hip flexibility. You body will be the best investment for your game.
  4. Darren Leslie

    The TPI is an excellent resource. Will have you back up to speed in no time.
  5. Allen L

    I would suggest that you talk with your surgeon prior to the surgery about your plans. Let him/her set the date for when you start doing workouts and getting back on the course. Your body will tell you when you're ready, and the body will tell you if you try too much too soon. I had a hernia repair and the surgeon found more problems than expected during the repair, he moved my return to play a full month later and it should have probably been another six weeks. As others have noted, TPI has a lot of golf fitness suggestions.

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