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Ditch the Cart for 9.

Dr. Kovatchian

I'm going to challenge my fellow Team Titleist members to "Ditch the cart for 9". I'm an avid walker when I play...I only take a cart when necessary by law. Today I had the pleasure of joining three young men for nine holes...we played the front nine at my home course in just over 1 hour 20 minutes. That is an awesome pace and we all played well, enjoyed conversation and some great gamesmanship. I only had time for nine so as we parted we all shook hands and wished each other well. A fine way to start the weekend. I learned a little bit about these guys today on our walk...some great stories and commentary. Hope to do it again soon!

271 was the combined age of our group...82...75...65...49. Imagine the miles logged and stories to be told if we all ditched the cart for 9.

Get out and walk the's better for the game and your fitness.

Old Guys Rule!!!

Dr. K

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  1. John O

    That's awesome. I try to tee off every morning at 5:45. I can walk 9, get home to shower and be to the office by 8:00. Walking is the best way to play in my opinion!
  2. Andrew A

    I absolutely love this idea as a walker myself. My son, who is new to game, always wants to take a cart. I really feel like he's missing out on a key portion of the game that allows friends to interact with one another between shots. It's a peacful moment wihth good friends, don't rush through it!
  3. Loop

    Unfortunately, My back is trashed. I am missing my bottom disk which makes it impossible for me to walk 9. Even with my bottom disk gone, the actual golf swing by some miracle, is painless (Thank God)! My back gets tired after a full 18 hole round, but I can still play, not real well (mid 80s to mid 90s), but I can still play. I very much miss walking through a round, as walking, in between shots, was for me a period of analysis of the upcoming shot. No question an actual part of my game which helped me play better. It is really quite amazing though, that riding causes a perfect mix that I need while playing, and during all of my daily activities. I cannot do any activity (sit, stand, lay, walk etc.) for any period of time as doing so causes pain. So, to take a shot, sit and ride to the next, get up and walk the distance from the cart, to my next shot, repeat, works very well. Overall, label me "would love to walk but can't", I feel blessed in that I can still play the game!
  4. JAM

    I agree with you, Dr. K. I have always walked and carried my bag. I will turn 74 next month. You never have a bad day when you walk. If your game is off the exercise and conversation makes the day a positive.

  5. Mike B

    I am in! I like to walk myself, when given the chance. Our Club allows us to walk during the week, and after 12:00pm on the weekends. I agree that it not only gives you a chance to talk with the group, but I often play better and the pace is usually as good or better.
  6. Speedy

    Couldn't agree more... That's all i do is walk and the conversations are so much better than riding a cart... Great post!
  7. Tyler G

    Hello everyone,
    Like you all, I am an avid fan of walking around the golf course, and to many people's surprise I am actually able to play a little faster while walking. However, I can relate with Andrew A. because I am currently trying to introduce my 4 year old daughter to the game, and the most anticipated aspect of the game for her right now is riding with dad in the golf cart.
    While walking, I thoroughly enjoy the time to really diagnose my upcoming shot, as well as the exercise that walking 9 holes provides me. I will embrace your "Ditch the cart for 9" challenge.
  8. richbow9

    In the U.K. walking is the norm, I guess part of that is down to the weather. I've only ever use a cart/buggy twice and played for almost 20 years. Walking around the go,f course is a much more sociable experience, but does take a lot longer!
  9. Don O

    I took up golf at 59 to replace cross-country running and slow-pitch softball. I have a group I play from work. The oldest is 33 and I'm 67. I gently remind them they aren't old enough to walk 18. They dive for the carts and I'll walk if the course is walkable. In league play, more of the kids are my age and most walk.
  10. Curt K

    I just had knee surgery in Feb. I am glad that I am still able to walk 18. I enjoy walking much more. I seem to play better whole walking.
  11. Curt K

    I agree, walking is the way to go. I had knee surgery in Feb and I am glad I am still able to walk 18. I seem to play better while walking as well.
  12. FReeb

    Great post Dr.K. I enjoy walking the course too especially early morning or late evening. I have played many Saturday morning rounds walking 18 with my regular group and get home well before noon.
  13. Scott D

    Love walking the front nine at our course. Bad knees force me to take a cart. I actually believe that you play better when you walk it gives you an appreciation for distance plus as Dr. K says you get to enjoy the company.
  14. Norm H

    Dr K

    I am 79 and have been walking golf courses since 1957. I don't play courses that require you to ride. Stopped carrying the bag 4 years ago because of neck and back pain. I now have an electric push cart and I love it. I believe there is golf and cart ball. I prefer golf.
  15. Jack H

    Love the idea! I walk nearly every round, unless otherwise required. I feel like I play much better and certainly have a better mental game(one of the most overlooked parts of the game). I feel by walking, that I and able to think about the previous shot I hit, while going to my next shot and gleen some positives from it instead of magically arriving at your next shot, still disappointed that you aren't in a better position.

    Feel like walking is great fun and getting the full experience of this game we love.

    Not to mention, an hour twenty is flying! Well done!

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