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Stat tracking

John O

Does any one use any specific stat tracking methods? Any apps or software to recommend?

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  1. Todd S

    My Garmin GPs tracks greens hit fairways hit putts all automatically. You just have to enter it correctly as your playing your round. I love it. It just ask total score for the hole amount of putts and of you hit the fair way or missed left or right buy using .
  2. Dwayne N

    I use a game golf device and really like it. FIR, GIR, distances, putts, for each and every club even tells you % short, long, left or right
  3. Darryl M

    My Golf Buddy World GPS has a stat tracker for fairways, putts & GIR's and I can keep score up to four people if I choose to but I always keep my own score only with other stats. It downloads easy after each round to my computer so I can view my average over the last 5 or 10 rounds. It stores all rounds I have rounds going back 4 years.

    Really simple to use like the Garmin Todd mentioned. Score, Putts, Fairway (L M R)
  4. John G

    swoosh had a really good one that tracked scores, GIR's, fairways, and putts and would break it all down. Unfortunately they seemed to have shut it down, along with 3 years of my stats. I wish Titleist would make something similar. Hint, hint.
  5. Chris92009

    I use Shot By Shot software/app. It is an excellent way to identify what areas of one's game need to be improved. It is for the competitive player, and there is a cost for the service around $70-$80 per year.
  6. Benjamin D

    I've been using the Golfshot GPS app for years. I love it. Tracks putts, GIR, fairways, saves, and can track shot distance if you want.
  7. masamitsu

    I use get real golf stats. I like it and all the information it provides. I took a couple of rounds to get my process down but now it's very quick to enter the information.
  8. John O

    Thanks for the great responses everyone. Looks like I have some research to do!
  9. David T

    One more suggestion is to check out GolfPad GPS. They have a terrific user interface and entering scores couldn't be easier.
    They also offer GolfTags which screw onto the top of the grip and automatically track distance, and all stats.
  10. Jack H

    I don't use anything more than a spreadsheet. I track fairways, greens, putts and obviously, my relation to par. I like it. Works for me. Not fancy, but highlights what I need work on.

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