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Went home to let the dog out for a little bit and saw a nice surprise at my doorstep. A package from Titleist with a nice note inside! Thank you very much! It was a very nice gesture and much appreciated. Definitely would not play anything other than Titleist ever again.

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  1. gary h

    Great Looking Stuff, thanks for sharing
  2. Joshua B

    Wow...a hat too! Well done! (Golf clapping)
  3. Chuck Z

  4. Barry B

    What a great surprise! The hat is very nice.
  5. Jack H

    Awesome!! Congratulations! Got to love Titleist!
  6. nate l

    Those new hats are money! Congrats!
  7. Brian D

    The entire Team Titleist crew continues to surprise with some extra goodies...

    There is NOT one other company in any business that connects with its consumers the way Titleist does...Truly a company that values its relationships.
  8. John T

  9. RRomanowicz

    That hat is great, like the 917 on the side
  10. Blake B

    Great stuff! Everyone loves a surprise!
  11. ROBERT P

    Love the new 917 hats!
  12. A Macleod

    Nice gift
  13. Tim D

    Sweet! I love the new 917 hat
  14. Bill F

    Thumbs up!
  15. Dwayne N

    This is the best customer relations team ever assembled
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