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Hello Team Titleist

Jeremy B

Hello Folks!

I'm very new here with just a couple posts here and there, but I wanted to reach my hand out and say hello to all. I look forward to getting to know all the regulars and the occasional dropper by and hearing about your games, experiences and your love of golf.

I've personally have been playing golf the better part of my life. I started when I was 10 years old ( am now 38 ). I thank my dad for getting me started and it's a memory I'll always have with him is spending long evening hours on the practice range. If you have kids and you love golf. Get those kiddos out there on the course. Those are the good memories.

In any event. I've been a long time Titleist equipment junky. From the Balata balls to the Vokey design wedges. To now more of the new school equipment. I've occasionally strayed from Titleist equipment to try and find the " Golden Arrow", to eventually realize Titleist was always IT.

Thanks for reading my rambling.

Fairways and Greens, Jeremy

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  1. John O

    Ditto. The whole thing. We've had very similar experiences! Ha! Welcome!!!

    Welcome aboard!!! Madgolfer
  3. Chris G

    Hi Jeremy, welcome to the team! Make sure you fill out your player profile to take advantage of all the benefits of Team Titleist. You just never know what may show up at your door one day. Hit 'em straight!

  4. Dwayne N

    Welcome to the team
  5. Joshua B

    Hello fellow TTer...similar story. Glad to hear your story, hittem long and/or straight this year!
  6. nate l

    Welcome! Hit them straight!
  7. MB

    Welcome! Hope the season is good to you!
  8. chris b

    Welcome to the best golf forum out there! Titleist is the best IMO!
  9. vurich

    Welcome Jeremy! Looking forward to your involvement and meeting you at a future TT event! Congrats!
  10. Chuck Z

    Welcome to TT. A team you can be proud of.
  11. Darryl M

    Welcome Jeremy, if we have never strayed in our lives, how would we ever know that what we had was always the best......

    Hope your scores fall like rain...........
  12. Jack H

    Welcome to the team! Always fun to hear from others!
  13. Jeremy B

    Thank you to everyone for the welcomes!!
  14. Allen L

    Hello Jeremy, good to read your post. Hope you enjoy TT and this website as much as I do.
  15. Jeremy B

    Allen L

    Hello Jeremy, good to read your post. Hope you enjoy TT and this website as much as I do.

    Thank you sir. So far I really am enjoying the website/forums. Ultimately I want to surround myself with people who enjoy using and talking about Titleist equipment and staff players, but honestly I'm here because of my love of Golf...Period. Titleist just so happens to be the equipment I use for something I love to do.
    Thanks again everyone on replies and happy golfing.

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