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Thank you Cathi and Titleist

Amanda S

So, this evening when I got home, I was surprised by a package. I knew I was receiving one tomorrow but not today. So I opened it and well I just want to say thank you very much to Titleist and especially Cathi for the kind gifts that I received. Thank you so much.


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  1. Chris92009

    Very cool! The staff at TT are amazing!!

    Wow, hand written note is very unique in this day and age!!
  2. Kevin B

    Awesome! The lime green is fabulous too! Enjoy! TT The BEST!
  3. Jeremy B

    Very cool!! Their customer service, to me, seems to be unheard of.
  4. APhillip

    WOW, sweet
  5. Jack H

    Cool stuff! Congrats!
  6. Joshua B

    Sweet hat!
  7. aholtmeyer

    That's awesome! Always a nice surprise to receive!
  8. Dwayne N

    Good looking swag, Those guys are great.
  9. Jason H

    That's awesome....
  10. Tim D

    Wow those hats are sweet. The swag from TT is fabulous. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  11. harry h

    I so love the way,titleist does things their service their taking care of the people who buy and play the products and in my case wear all titleist stuff titleist makes in my opinion the best products year in year out I love the hats cathi is sending out as well
  12. Gary L

    Nice swag
  13. Darren B

  14. Amanda S

    The hat will look real nice on me when I'm out playing #2 at Pinehurst Friday. Super pumped to play it.
  15. nate l

    The hats are just awesome!
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