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U.S. Open

Adam E

The only bad thing about the US Open is it ends on Father's Day. I want to stay home and watch (has always been my fav. tournament) and my family wants to take me to do something. What do you guys think - who's going to win? I'd like to see DJ or Jordan win again.

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  1. Patrick D

    I've been married for a little over a year now. My wife asked me what's going on for Father's Day, and then said she wants to invite my Dad over. I said that's very sweet of you, but no, you don't understand men. A man's idea of a great day is waking up with absolutely no plans whatsoever. If I invite him over, he'll accept the invitation even if he doesn't want to because he'll feel obligated to. She couldn't understand that my Father's day plans are to have no plans. I want him to wake up and do whatever he feels like doing.

    So Adam, I completely understand what you're saying.
  2. Jack H

    Love to see Jordan! I am a big Spieth fan and it's hard to bet against his putting!
  3. Chuck Z

    Go do something with you family. Record the match and watch it when you come home. Ricky seems to be playing pretty well today. If DJ can stay out of the hay field, he might have a chance. The course is a great venue and it is anyone's to win. Would not surprise me to see a European win it. They are use to playing these type courses. The course reminds me of Ireland.
  4. David S

    I have fond memories of watching the last couple of hours of the final round with dad on Father's Day. Dad didn't play golf--though he took an interest in learning the game after he retired--but he certainly encouraged me when I started playing in my early teens. The U.S. Open was always a tradition for us, and the fact that the last round ended on Father's Day was a bonus.

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