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Used Titleist banners?

David M

Do club dealers or pro shops just toss old marketing banners? I have a launch monitor/hitting bay in my garage that I'd like to dress up with some Titleist logos/banners.

When is a good time to ask for one?

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  1. Matty E

    I'd say just ask a pro shop or something similar when they might be changing out the banners, and see if you can have them. Or just ask if they might have extra banners they didn't use and see if you could have those.
  2. Chuck Z

    If you know a club dealer or a head pro, anytime. Your chances are 50/50. When new marketing materials come in, out go the old. One man's trash is another's treasure. Put out feelers.
  3. Kyle Y

    I would also be curious to know; I would like one for my classroom.
  4. John O

    Following. I'd like to add some to my indoor bay as well.
  5. Frank P

    They used to. I still have in my garage the old black & white " Titleist- Golf's Symbol Of Excellence " banner from a pro-shop at a course that I used to play about 25 years ago, when the pro was remodeling the shop. See if you can talk to the Titleist sales rep. in your area. That's how the shops get their marketing stuff.
  6. Chris B

    good luck with that - I ran across some great FJ gear / promotional material that was not being used at a club - the assistant pro would not let it go....

    .....woulda looked great in my man cave.

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