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Going last in a Scramble... A good thing...


I've played in 2 tournaments so far this summer. One tournament was for my company and played yesterday for a charity with a few guys from my gym. I don't play, if ever with these guys and most of these guys only play a few times a years so needless to say my expectations of winning was very low. I was just there to have a good time with the boys and enjoy the day which we did. Had a blast in both tournaments and was very happy with the results considering our group.

Both tournaments I went last a majority of the time. I will say the one yesterday I did have one player that helped and wish he play more often. Anyways off the tee 3 errant shots most of the time and again the guys I'm playing with do not play often. So there I am with a little pressure to put something in play for us.. And boom, down the fairway. Not long but it's in play. No balls on the green, again a little pressure to do something and at times I would come through to give us a chance..

Long story short by going last and keeping us in play when needed really boosted my confidence. I've been very weak in that area for some time and the last 2 tournaments helped strengthen that. I think the difference between this and stroke play is my pre-shot routine. Tournament play i'm taking my time, taking a deep breath, and taking a few extra seconds before my shot really helped. May need to reevaluate my pre-shot routine.

Anyways thought I share. Anyone else ever been in this situation?

Here's a pic from yesterday, the one guy that helped me hitting a pure shot... This course is amazing, Golf Club of New England in NH. Private and it's an Arnold Palmer design..

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  1. Barry B

    It is amazing how a little pressure makes you focus better. I know that when playing league matches I always seem to be able to stay in the moment better, as compared to when I'm out playing "for fun" rounds with friends.
  2. Don O

    I usually contribute to your pain, but I had one scramble where I (age 66) was the youngest on the team (average age 74) and the only one under 71. Long shots fell on me. The rest of the time they were the old guys that you know are going to be consistent within their range. With a lot of 1 putts and 1 chip-in, we came in second. It was a unique feeling - normally just practicing with driver when I'm twice as old as the other players and just waiting for the approach shot/putting.
  3. Chuck Z

    Speedy, going last in a scramble/captain's choice normally means you are the A player in the group. A tough spot to be in unless you have at least another play who can put it in the middle so you can actually let it fly. The pressure is always on the A player because there is so much expectation on the captain. Unless you have put together your own team, you never know what to expect. Glad you handled it like the true professional you are. And also glad you all did well. Congrats....

  4. chris b

    I think that's why I get asked to play in a lot of tournaments. HA!

    I am usually always the last to tee off in scrambles. Whether it's for the same reasons as you or just because of the pace of most scrambles is slow, so I tend to try and pace myself. But in a regular round I like to play fast, so it's a little hard for me to calm myself. But most rely on me to hit it long, passed everyone else or be the only one to hit it closer on the green. I feel bad sometimes if I don't come through. That's the pressure of being the "A" player. LOL

    It does calm your nerves. Now you just need to incorporate that into your regular rounds and routines ... especially now that you know it works.

    Good luck & let us know if it works out.
  5. Jack H

    Way to pull the team!! Always great to see improvements in your game! Keep it up! Congrats!

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