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Team Titleist Member Spotlight: Jason Z.

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist, 

We're back with another Team Titleist member spotlight, and this time around, we caught up with Jason Z., from Maryland, who attended our 2016 Team Titleist Invitational at Pinehurst. Get to know Jason in our Q&A below: 

Name: Jason M. Zamoiski

Hometown: Rockville, Md.

Favorite golf ball model (and personalization!): Titleist Pro V1x with nickname Zamo, #66 and Team Titleist Logo

How long have you been playing golf? For about 30 years. I picked up the game a little earlier, but it was around ages 13 to 14 when I would say I started going to the course more frequently.  

Who introduced you to the game? My father started taking my twin brother Joe and me when we were about 8 to 9 years old to a local course called Falls Road Golf Course. I remember going to hit balls on the practice range without any real formal lessons. My father liked to take us on the course and teach us as we played. I am very fond of those memories.

What is your favorite golf memory? There are several. The first time I went to the Masters practice rounds with my friends in 2008, going to Pebble Beach Golf Links on my 30th B-day and Pinehurst Resort on my 40th birthday were definitely some of my favorite golf moments. The top of my list however is when we went down to play the Bay Hill Champion course. My golf swing at the time was in bad form but when you get invited to play Bay Hill, you jump at the opportunity. I was on the practice range hacking away when I hear my brother's voice, “Hey Jason … we are on the tee. “ He then says “and also, Mr. Palmer doesn’t want to look at your swing anymore." I turn around and see the “King” looking out over the range. Our eyes meet and he just smiles with his thumb up. I went over to quickly introduce myself, shook Mr. Palmer’s hand and asked for a quick photo. Of course the King was ever so gracious! Meeting Arnold on his course at Bay Hill has to be my favorite golf memory. 

Golf course(s) on your bucket list: Besides Augusta National, of course, the following would be Bandon Dunes, St. Andrews for a trip across the Atlantic to the historic courses and pubs, and Kapalua in Maui. Pine Valley Golf Club wouldn’t be too shabby either! 

What was your favorite part about the 2016 Team Titleist Invitational? Besides meeting the amazing people at Team Titleist, we met a bunch of other people who signed up for the event who we have stayed in touch with via email. It was terrific meeting those who have similar passions for the game and shared a bunch of information. We had such an amazing time getting to know everyone, playing Pinehurst, getting hands on demo clubs- no stone was left unturned. The “gift bag” they handed out was definitely a highlight as well! We were so excited and overjoyed with the generosity! 

What are you looking forward to this year?  We are so excited to see the amazing staff again at Team Titleist and friends we met at the inaugural event. We look forward to meeting new people who signed up and getting some more hands-on time with the latest equipment. What I am hoping for this season is someone from Scotty Cameron to help me make sure the weighting of my putter is correct and I am optimizing my putting stroke correctly. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Jason, and we look forward to seeing you at TPC Sawgrass this fall! 


Team Titleist Staff

13 Replies

  1. Joe Z

    Nice spotlight on my twin brother. After I left the TT event last year, I now have a new Titleist driver and recently replaced my 3 and 5 woods with Titleist fairway woods. Can't wait for the event at Sawgrass this year and to re-connect w/ friends we met at Pinehurst last year!
    Post Image
    Post Image
  2. chris b

    I was so disappointed that I missed the sign ups for TPC Sawgrass this year. I really wanted to be a part of it this year. A friend of mine went to Pinehurst last year and loved it.
    I am on the wait list .... but I am not very hopeful cause I know I wouldn't want to have to pull out of that one.
  3. Hotsauce

    Great spotlight and cool meeting you in Pinehurst. I can tell you Kapalua is worth it- make it happen!
  4. Chuck Z

    Look forward to seeing you at Sawgrass in September. Great Arnie story. Hole #13 at Augusta National a great photo op. See you soon. Chuck "Z"
  5. APhillip

    Great spotlight !!
  6. Marms

    Great Spotlight! Thanks to Abby for putting that together. Really looking forward to Team Titleist Event at Sawgrass!

    As one of the guys in that photo, I can tell you that was not a fake backdrop! It should also be noted that some of those empty cups in the picture were Lemonades too.

    Lastly, I want an honorable mention on those customized Team Titleist Golf Balls. I had to buy those for Jason on a bet that I lost.

    The customized Titleist Ball ordering site is really great. Love all the options and when the fresh ball comes out of the sleeve.... it just feels extra special!
  7. No'l

    Great TT highlight. I enjoyed the your story. Congrats!
  8. Steve S

    Loved reading your story Jason. Loved the part when you met the King! Thanks for sharing.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  9. Chris B

    well done....very nice
  10. vurich

    great story, jason! great memories! many more to come! congrats!
  11. Schmitty

    Great spotlight on Jason Z! You picked a winner to feature. Very cool of TT to do these kinds of stories. Abby and the team are definitely the best in the biz. Can't wait for Sawgrass!
  12. Jeremy B

    Great Story!!
  13. Jim C

    Very nice spotlight Jason. Sammy is not signed up for the TT Invitational. Who is going to pay our bar tab? See you guys in September.

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