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Michael JC

Hello Team Titleist! I just found out I won the Masters ticket lottery for two tickets for Wednesday's practice round! I am beyond happy. The Masters is my favorite tournament by far! I know there are folks here who have been there. Looking for advice, tips for a Wednesday round? Pretty sure that is the par 3 tournament, but are the players also playing practice rounds during the day? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! I have entered this lottery since day one and finally! And I will be wearing a Titleist hat!

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  1. Tyler H

    Congrats and enjoy. The Par 3 is a must watch and yes, plenty of players will be out practicing.
  2. HOUSE

    Merchandise tent first - wear comfortable shoes enjoy the refreshments as they are inexpensive and if you want to see the par 3, get there early. When I was there it was 10-15 deep so I just turned around and bought more merchandise.....
  3. Barry B

    Congrats and enjoy the day!
  4. etakmit

    Congrats! I got my yearly rejection (have to keep the streak alive!).

    Enjoy it and cherish the memories.
  5. Don O

    My adult son won 2 tickets for Saturday and called me with a belated Father's Day present for another Father-Son trip next year. Likewise, he has been entering for years and won for the first time. Will be following this thread for tips.
  6. Kris D

    Congrats! I didn't get any tickets again this year. There's always next year's lottery!
  7. Dr O

    Get there early as many players will be off the course in afternoon either for par3 or just to rest for Thursday. Bring your camera (no cell phones allowed) practice rounds are the only time to take pics and you will take pics! Make a list of all the places you want to see so you don't forget to visit them (Bubbas wedge from the trees on #10 for example). Also make a shopping list because when you get home you will regret not buying that wind jacket or coffee mug. Most important take your time and enjoy it, the first time I went I rushed to get everything in and I forgot most of the day. I have been fortunate to have been a half dozen times since and make sure that I "live in the moment". Grab a sweet tea and egg salad sandwich and enjoy the walk!
  8. Titleist_AU_Fan

    Congrats! Hit the merch tent first.
  9. Ned

  10. Ty B

    Ah yes, it's a tradition unlike any other....

    receiving my yearly email about not winning the opportunity to purchase tickets. Hahahaha. Maybe someday.

    Congrats and enjoy! I'm sure it's more breathtaking in person than on television!
  11. Chris A

    Enjoy the day! I make sure to try the pimento cheese sandwiches.
  12. Chuck Z

    Have fun. I have been many times to the practice rounds, as well as on weekend rounds. This is Mecca for golfers. The most beautiful golf course you will ever walk on. And congratulations on getting tickets. I can remember driving up from Charleston to the practice rounds and purchasing our practice round tickets at the gate until 1994. In '95 they started the lottery. Seems everyone started finding out about our great little deal in that little corner of Georgia.
  13. Tim S

    find a place to stay ASAP if you have to be there over night. Rooms may already be booked
  14. Michael JC

    Thanks to all!
    Camera yes, cell phone no.
    Merchandise tent, a big yes!
    Pimento and cheese sandwich with beverage!
    Take time and smell the magnolias!
  15. Chuck Z

    Tim S

    find a place to stay ASAP if you have to be there over night. Rooms may already be booked

    Find a place to stay in Aiken, SC and play some of the courses there. Beautiful little golfing town. That is what a lot of out-of-towners do. Rooms are a premium all around Augusta.
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