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New ball marker

John G

I was sitting in the bar yesterday at my club having lunch and my swing coach was sitting at the table behind me. As he was getting up to leave, he handed me this great new ball marker. I haven't seen anything like it before.

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  1. Chris P

    Very nice. You never know where Titleist Swag will come from.
  2. RBH

    Wow. That is a fantastic looking ball mark. Any chance your coach wants to teach in Alberta Canada?
  3. Dwayne N

    Man that is a great looking piece of hardware. Congrats!
  4. David M

    Looks great. I had a link to register my players bag a couple weeks ago to receive one. Have not received it yet but am looking forward to it.
  5. Jack H

    Looks sweet! Congrats!! Enjoy it!
  6. Keith M

    I was given one as a gift recently from a fellow FJA. Haven't used a different ball marker since. They're great, aren't they?
  7. joe t

    Very sweet. I haven't had a Titleist marker since I had a hat with a magnetic marker, and I lost it.
  8. TSchwartz

    That is the ball marker that was sent to people who bought one of the new players collection golf bags for 2017. They had to register their bag and Titleist sent them a ball marker. I have registered my bag but haven't received mine yet.

    Nice collectors item.
  9. Benjamin D

    I AM DESPERATE FOR ONE OF THOSE! Been begging for months. I need something to replace my old TM ball marker...
  10. vurich

    What an absolutely beautiful piece of Titleist art!! Congrats!
  11. Chris R

    Very nice looking ball maker and also very nice of your coach too!!
  12. Titleist Fan 179

    I also registered and sit by the mailbox in anticipation!
  13. Chuck Z

    I'm lovin' mine. They are a beautiful marker. Cherish them if you are lucky enough to get one. Not for sale on eBay, PLEASE and if you do you are a sleaze ball and do not deserve any Titleist swag in the future. 'Nough said. Chuck.............
  14. Dave N

    I'm sure you will cherish it for a long time. Enjoy.
  15. David M

    How long do these take to arrive?
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