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Two Man Scramble

Blake T

This weekend I played in a two man scramble with a good friend of mine, it was at the University course at Ole Miss and we had a great time we come in a tie for second and my new Pro V1x's preformed great, just missed a couple putts we should have made but that's golf right, just wanted to say I love this time of year and nothing like playing a Sunday round of golf with a good friend especially when you have great Titleist equipment to play with, hope everyone is enjoying the summer golf, oh and sorry for the leaderboard definitely wasn't my choice ;).

Hit em straight,


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6 Replies

  1. Chuck Z

    Congratulations and great scores.
  2. Blake T

    Sorry the first image was the wrong image this is the leaderboard with me and my partner on it.
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  3. Blake T

    Thanks Chuck, much appreciated hope you're enjoying the summer golf as much as I am
  4. Darryl M

    Great scores it's always nice to get out with friends for a scramble around the course.
  5. Dave N

    Good job.
  6. Lance P

    Great job on your scores. Not such a great job of writing on those boards! Where's the fancy calligraphy?

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