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Joe D

So I was watching some golf this past weekend, and a ad comes on for a app called 18 birdies,a free GPS app for your phone,was wondering if anyone has used it,and there thoughts on this app.etc.

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  1. riley a

    I've been using 18 birdies for awhile. Truthfully, I pretty much use it for the GPS. I haven't utilized all the other features. I really like the GPS feature and the adjustability of it.
  2. Evan A

    Hi Joe. I began using this app about a month ago and have found it very helpful for my game. It tracks all sorts of stats (fir, gir, handicap, etc.) but what I've found most useful is the yardage tracking. Not only does it adjust your distance to the green (front, middle, and back) based on your current location on any given hole, you can also manually adjust the icon to find the yardage to a hazard, a bend in the fairway, or what it will take to carry a bunker. In addition, the yardages are underlain by a satellite image of the hole which is also very helpful. Highly recommend!
  3. Hughie G

    i have been using 18birdies since the beginning of the season. love it!

    you can add people to your round and only one person needs to keep score as it updates all involved.

    we have used the tournament feature 3 times. live leaderboard is great!

    i will buy this app
  4. Joe D

    Thanks everybody. You have answered all my questions about the app and all that's left to do
    Download it.
  5. Scott Golightly

    I've used 18Birdies for a few months now and I like it a lot. Don't have a laser rangefinder and dont trust the yardage books at my course (not the most accurate measurements), so 18Birdies has been great for most range finding. Also like that you can track a fair number of stats as long as you enter them, keep track of historical scores, track your handicap, etc...

    Not entirely a reason to use it but really good customer service. The entry in 18Birdies for my local course only had red and black tees, so I couldn't track my round accurately from the blue tees. Shot a message to them through the feedback button and it wasn't 48 hours before the guy let me know they'd updated the course.

    Recommended if you're fine consulting your phone between shots.
  6. John T

    It's pretty good, I use either that one or GolfNow's for the gps functions, they are similar. It's whatever I feel like using that day :)

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