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Autoimmune Disease Sarcoidosis

Gary C

Last September I was diagnosed with the Autoimmune disease Sarcoidosis and it has affected my life tremendously. Just over the past 2 months my golf game has really gone down hill. Just over the past month I have lost 10-15 yards with all of my irons,which has really changed my game. I just want to ask if anyone else on here has sarcoidosis and what do you do to help yourself.

Cheers Gary

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  1. Eric C

    Sorry to hear this news. I have RA and I used to play all stiff shafts, and now I play all regular shafts to get some of my distance back. I went to a 12 degree driver and no fairway wood and I also play more hybrids, loft is your friend. Keep your chin up and keep fighting.
  2. Gary C

    Thanks,I appreciate that. I will work to move to Regular shafts

  3. Brian D

    Sorry to hear, wish you all the best.

  4. Kevin B

    So very sorry to hear of this. You know that many aspects from grips to shafts to being refit entirely may help offset some of the difficulty. Keep moving and fighting. Just a thought. Practice and Improve your putting and you'll pick up that lost stroke or two on the fairway as you'll become more proficient a putter and chipper. Keep the faith and a good attitude...I know its helping my wife who's recovering slowly from Cancer and having her spleen removed and 6 months of chemo. Attitude can make a huge impact on your game no matter your condition. Wishing you all the best!
  5. Gary C

    Thank you very much
  6. Joe D

    Gary keep fighting ! You can beat this.
    Believe in yourself and never stop believing .
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  7. Chris B

    Gary - get the best rheumatologist you can find....and find a GP that has patients with that disease. Ask if Mayo is a resource potentially for you - but be sure to save it as a final bullet - it is my understanding they won't see you for multiple issues.

    Be carful with methotrexate, palquenil, and prednisone - be sure you know the short and long term side effects. Prednisone will make you gain enormous amounts of weight....make sure you have an eye doctor as well that knows about autoimmune issues.

    Work with your local pro on your game - let him know your issue - and let the pro help with your club setup and swing.

    Get with your doctor and get cleared for TPI - the stretching can be very beneficial for life and golf - if you can get cleared, the folks here can help you find a TPI certified trainer.

    best of luck - I will be pulling for you - keep us posted on your progress.
  8. Gary C

    I really appreciate the info,I have a good doctor, the thing is I'm a 100% Disabled War Veteran and I have had over 25 surgeries before this diagnosis,so I already have chronic pain,plus migraines. The sarcoidosis is really zapping me and it's starting to become routine that I have to get pain meds and a steroid every 2 weeks just to calm every thing down. I try to stay active and moving,but I shut down more frequent now than I used to. My golf game isn't what it was,but more for fun now. I just do things more in moderation now than before.

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