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Lost my MOJO for awhile.

Dave N

Went for 4 weeks, couldn't drive a ball if my life counted on it. After working on it I finally got it back. Anyone else go through this issue. Weird thing it didn't effect my irons nor the putter just the driver.

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  1. riley a

    Hey Dave,
    I've been there and it's very frustrating! I'm currently in week two of very inconsistent play. My problems can be attributed to finally switching to an interlocking grip. I wouldn't fret, you'll find your groove again. My problem is I start overthinking my swing too much which makes it difficult to be consistent.
  2. Don O

    ...Ever? Story of my game. My tendency is to try to swing consistently. Not that that works, either. Grouping my clubs into driver, FW/H/long irons, and short irons and wedges, I usually have issues with one of the 3. Putter issues are independent of all shot issues. I'm now working on 2 basic swings - forward press for irons and wedges and straight setup for sweeping shots. Driver and bunker shots are sub-sections of straight setup. I'm changing my pre-shot routine to get 3 practice swings with the key for that setup. Not just stretching and getting in a hard swing. Seems to be working ...better. After 3-4 strokes not using driver, unlike a dozen in a row on a driving range, need to focus for a pre-shot routine for driver.
  3. Chuck Z

    Yep! Going thru that right now. My buddy yesterday told me to stop thinking and hit the ball. Just too much going on between the ears. Gone from shooting in the high 70s and low 80s to the mid 90s. Totally not acceptable. Going to see my pro. He is the one who can find out my problem quickly. He had done it before. No advice needed.
  4. Dwayne N

    About once a year I struggle with my driver . Used to take me weeks to get it back in the groove but I have come to realize that my problems all stem around my swing plane. Over longer periods my plane starts getting too upright or steep I have learnt to recognize it and when starts raising it's ugly head I can now have it under control in just a few holes. Hope you figure it out we all have gone thru it.
  5. Joe D

    Just like everyone else it happens and the more I try to analyze what is going wrong the worse it gets.
    Just last week with to play a quick nine,had no time to warm up ,usually like to warm up and see what kind of swing I have for the round.
    1st hole caught it thin off the heel,figured no worries.
    2nd hole hit a nice fade around a dog left ,I though okay.
    3rd hole smoked a drive left so hard lost a ball.
    After that hold 5,th and 6th holes hooked the ball into the woods 3 prov1x balls gone.
    Left the driver in the bag and just hit 3 irons off the tee for the remain holes which were all good shots.
    2 Days later same course different results driver working.
    Sometimes the space between our ears gets in the way.
  6. Guy O

    Hate to say it but my iron game has been stinky since I got my new AP1's a month ago! I know it's in my head! I just can't seem to get it solid on the clubface! Also getting a lesson next week!
  7. joe t

    The most important part of golf. Without a good drive your scrambling for par. If you keep scrambling your score will suffer, especially if your not one putting. I hate when I can't find my driver.
  8. Stephen S


    I'm currently in the midst of a month long struggle with my driver. My pro and I working hard to fix it, but it's been a frustrating process. Maybe looking down at new 917 would help...worth a shot, right?
  9. Kirk E

    I have had the same struggle. Couldn't get off the tee with the driver but everything else was great! It's a very frustrating feeling. Glad you were able to get it worked out!
  10. Rick D

    With me it's been the full swing with all clubs! Horribly frustrating. The low point was my throwing a club in pure frustration while playing with my wife and another couple. I was lying 9 on a par 5 and wasn't on the green yet. Picked up when I saw them walking away to the next tee. Shot 88 that day taking a 10 on that hole. Followed up with 84, 84, 82 my nest several rounds.

    Our pro spent a few minutes with me and his tip gave me another 2 weeks of frustration. Then a buddy, who is a scratch, saw me on the range and straightened me out. I'm crushing it again. Shot 75, 81, 76, 70 over the 4 day holiday weekend.

    It's always a work in progress!!! When talking about his game, a retired gentleman at our clubs says "It's a work in progress. A lot of work, with little progress".
  11. Keith M

    Been there. My game goes as my driver does. When I'm finding fairways, I'm capable of shooting in the mid 80s, when not, I'm tearing up the scorecard which is usually wet with tears and thoughts of "how many Pro V1xs will I lose today?"
  12. Carl T

    As everyone else has stated this is a common issue with all golfers. I struggled for a couple of weeks and then pulled out my Medicus driver that I have had for years. For those that are not familiar with the Medicus driver and iron, it is a training club that has a head attached to the shaft with a ball joint that will break down when making an improper swing. When you swing with the right tempo and plane you can actually hit balls with it. A few swings in my living room and I saw exactly what was wrong with my driver swing. Took that info to the driving range and I was hitting the ball right down the middle. From the driving range to the course the swing still works.
  13. Frank P

    There isn't a golfer whoever lived that hasn't struggled from time to time with a driver. There is a 4 letter word for it. GOLF. Like an unfaithful lover, it comes and goes without notice. Come to think of it, you can say the same thing about the other 13 clubs in the bag.

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