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Hole in One Display?

Sam R

Having had my 2nd hole in one a couple of weeks ago I've now got 2 Titleist Pro V1 golf balls just sat on my bedroom shelf I want to put into some sort of display which will look nice in the trophy cabinet.

Has anyone came across any nice looking things that don't cost the earth? I've had a look on eBay and Amazon and there's some right horrible looking things available. I'm starting to think I might be better off making something myself!

I like the idea of just a simple wooden plaque which the ball can sit on, with a slot at the back to put the score card into and then get a plate engraved to stick on the front - I'd have thought that already existed though!?!

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  1. Brandon C

    I’m still waiting on a hole-in-one so I’m not taking from so point of experience unfortunately, but I will say that I’ve heard of a couple people just going and talking to someone at a local trophy shop. Supposedly many trophy shops have a template or two that you can have them fill in the info for (course, hole #, length, etc). Might be worth looking into. Congrats on the two hole-in-ones as well!!!
  2. Don O

    Have you tried a more local trophy shop/sporting goods stores? Local sports leagues (soccer, baseball, etc) usually have a source they use.
  3. Chuck Z

    Recommend going by a local trophy and awards shop in your area. That is what I did for my three holes in one. Think I paid around $45 each and the plaque is 8" x 10". They are on the wall on the stairs leading up to my golf room/man cave.
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  4. GHarris

    Hi Sam,

    These are not cheap but I think they look classy.


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  5. Carl T

    I have made 3 hole in ones and I went to a local trophy shop and bought a trophy to display my ball. All three balls are in a different style trophy. The last hole in one I made I made my own trophy. A block of wood with a hole drilled in the center where I placed a wooden tee to hold the ball. Used a wood burning pen to etch in the details. I went to the Container Store and bought a plastic cube that the block of wood can fit in.
  6. mark w

    Simple and elegant. I made one with a Team Titleist ball. It is very cool that Titleist gives us Hole in One bag tags, coffee mugs, and TT balls. Yep, there two balls and HIO bag tags in that cup.
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  7. masamitsu

    I found this on Etsy.
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  8. Sam R

    Thanks masamitsu I actually really like that! I never thought to look on Etsy, there's a few things on there that have given me another idea to make my own using some Ikea frames.

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