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Midwest Team Titleist event

John O

Has there ever been a Team Titleist event in the Midwest? I'd love to attend one but the extensive travel makes it difficult for me to make it to the southern events.

Wisconsin would a great spot...Whistling Straits, Erin Hills, Sand Valley, Blackwolf Run, etc.

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  1. Tyler H

    There was one outside of Chicago a few years a ago and some of the members here set up a play day at TPC Deere Run a few years back as well.

    From your course suggestions I would guess you are in Wisconsin. Have you had the chance to play Sand Valley yet? I played there earlier this year and it is AMAZING. I am looking forward to a return trip this fall. I have some friends coming in to play Erin Hills and Whistling Straits later this summer and am also really looking forward to their visit as well.

  2. Mike H

    I would be interested in a team titleist event in Wisconsin if one were to be setup or if there was enough interest helping get one setup.
  3. Don O

    Curtis put one together about 3-4 years ago at TPC Deere Run. A good time was had. These local events tend to run into timing. Everyone wants one, until someone takes lead and picks a date. Then there is a surge of schedule conflicts.

    Not that I'm not fully in favor of going to one. Sign me up, just pick it at least 2 months out so I don't overbook the dates. Kohler is usually open to filling times after October 1 and before May 15 with some discounts and also offering tournaments as well. The pro shop rents Titleist clubs, so the Titleist rep may be able to assist planning. My dream weekend would be The Straits and The River or the Irish. But the package would still be upwards of $800.

    Next spring, Sand Valley will have 2 courses, and along with Castle Course at Northern Bay and the Dells, it could be a destination buddy trip for 3-4 days during the first 2 weeks of May, and people could plan and commit if a price was known. if I said a package for 3 rounds of golf and 2 nights lodging was $500 pp on May 5, 2018 - who is willing to commit? That would be 2 rounds at Sand Valley and a third TBD.
  4. Tyler H

    I would definitely be interested Don. Not quite sure where everyone is located, but anyone that wants to get together in the Appleton area - I am more than happy to host a few players.

  5. John O

    I played Sand Valley early this year as well. Fantastic course. Love how fast the greens are. So many great courses in state now. We're lucky!
  6. John O

    I would be interested as well!
  7. Jason D

    Great idea, I would love to join.
  8. Steve S

    Hello John O, I live at the Jersey shore and would love to play in a TT event. The one at Pinehurst was just a bit out of my range. Maybe someday.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  9. Chris92009

    We have had one at TPC Riversbend in Cincinnati Ohio and in Columbus Ohio the last 6 years annually!

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