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Dwayne N

Played a nice track in Indiana to but had a scare while playing. My partner for the day was driving the cart down a hill started a slide the end in the cart rolling over with us in it. My side down on the cart path (scare #1) most everything working possibly a broken finger on my left hand but all arms legs hips functioning just bruises and scrapes minus finger. Once up and clear from the wreckage I remember I had my Scotty in hand as well as my wedge ( scare #2 ) those two clubs, Oh *** what about all the precious darlings in my bag. Phew! All ok really hope never to have experience again. Just hope finger heels in next two weeks big tourney coming up

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  1. Brian D

    Oh Boy is that a scare....I would suggest a designated driver for your next round.

    Glad to hear no major injuries and no problems with the sticks....Stay on the path ahead and slow down for the rest of the summer.

    Play well, all the best!
  2. Dave N

    You are lucky.
  3. Tim D

    Glad to hear you and your equipment were all ok. What track we you playing in Indiana?
  4. Barry B

    I've had two sets of friends flip golf both cases it involved driving down a hill, locking the breaks and getting sideways...which never ends well. In the first incident just minor cuts & bruises, in the second the rider was ejected when the cart went over and he ended up with a dislocated shoulder and broken arm.

    Consider yourself very lucky!
  5. Speedy

    And that's why I like to walk.... Glad it wasn't worse.. Be safe..
  6. Chris w

    Golf cart incidents can be very bad. Good to hear no major injury and no damage to your sticks.

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