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Breaking 80


Finally broke 80 for the first time this year after maybe 20 rounds. 13 pars in all, and one triple bogey on the 3rd for an overall 78. I Did so using the new Prov1. I love the way the ball performs, especially around the greens. Very similar to the old ProV1x's, but I can still generate plenty of spin into the green. Anyway, just wanted to share my story and look forward to more content from TT!

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  1. Barry B

    Congrats! Breaking 80 is a great achievement is the never ending quest to go low. Next target....75 or less!
  2. Joe D

    CONGRATULATIONS on going low and breaking 80.
  3. Luke R

    Nice round JLundquist!
  4. B.A.


  6. etakmit

    Congrats that is awesome!! Keep it up!
  7. JLundquist

    Thanks everyone! Actually followed that round up with a 79 yesterday! I'm looking to drop to a single digit handicap by the end of the season!
  8. Chris w

    Congrats! Keep up the good playing.
  9. john c

    Congrats on the round. Being a single digit is a lofty goal. Can't make many mistakes on that quest. Just make sure you enjoy yourself and don't let it ruin the ability to just enjoy the day.
  10. Travis W

    Congrats! It is amazing how much difference there is in breaking each of the ten's.
  11. Jason N

    Congrats! Great accomplishment
  12. Brian R

    Congratulations nice accomplishment!

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