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So, it's been a week and I have shown video and explained what transpired during my round last Thursday. I holed a tee shot on a par four and have had problems ever since. I'm excited about my first hole-in-one! After researching hole-in-ones on par fours, I now see how rare they are...9 in professional tournament history. I can't get a consensus on what to call it. I've been calling it an albatross ace. I think there should be a term to describe this particular feat. I submit to you, and the world...OSPREY.

Please...tell me what ya think.


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  1. Barry B

    Just stick with Hole-In-One and tell everyone it was on a par 4.
  2. Speedy

    well first congrats on ya amazing hole in one. That's awesome. What was the distance if ya don't mind me asking? How did it play out..

    As for a name or what to call it, simply a hole in one is a hole in one regardless IMO...
  3. Tim Tiger

    You holed it in one. It's a Hole In One.
    No special name needed. Enjoy the accomplishment. LOL

  4. Brian D

    That is quite the OSPREY....I will go along with that one.

    I have actually witnessed a birdie on a par 4 from the tee box. First ball went into a hazard and then my partner reteed from the box and dunked it on one hop. He had never had a HIO, and still doesn't...but holy cow was that the best birdie I ever witnessed....

    Bubba if you happen to pick up this post...You know exactly what I mean and I was glad to be a witness...

    Great Job Jerry and Congrats on your 1st HIO/OSPREY!
  5. No'l

    Pretty cool! That would be a "hole in one!" A double eagle.
  6. Gary Pierpont

    Congrats on the osprey/hole-in-one! I could see it catching on
  7. Scott D

    It is a hole in one. Nuff said and be sure to mention that it was on a Par 4
  8. Joe D

    Hole in one on a par
  9. Chuck Z

    Congratulations on your "hole in one".
  10. BK

    Dunno what to call it, but congrats man!
  11. David K

    Delighted to say I've had one too. I generally say I've only had one hole in one, pause a beat then add that it was at a par 4. ;)
  12. ToddL

    Brian - Great recollection of the #4th hole at TPC Boston! That was an outstanding day!

    JWood - stick with "hole in one". A terrific accomplishment indeed!
  13. Greg L

    Congrats, great feat no matter what you call it!
  14. Golf Hacker Extraordinaire

    An Ace is an Ace - having an Ace on Par 4 is just that much more special! Congratulations Mr Wood and you too David K - I am truly envious! Not just for your amazing Aces but for reaching Par 4 greens in one!
  15. Adam E

    Congrats! Hole-in-one (double eagle) - don't worry about what to call it, you have a great story.

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