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Another Major Win for Team Titleist and Scotty Cameron!!

The Dom

What determination down the stretch for Jordan! Another great major performance and win! Contragts Jordan from Team Titleist, always behind you 100%!

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  1. Deno

    Well said !! Titleist wins again
  2. Don O

    Great job by Team Spieth. And a great job by his parents. How many other young athletes do we see developed (rather than raised) to be elites have his character in his respect for family (especially his sister), friends, and fellow competitors. It was his moment and he took the time to thank and praise Matt K. for the competition.

  3. Rob_Roth1

    Would love to see the 009 to come to retail!!
  4. Dwayne N

    Agree 100%
  5. Joe D

    Yes Jordan had his Scotty on fire cranking in putt after putt.
    While most people will remember the shot from the practice area.
    But his wedge shots and flat stick won him the Championship.
  6. RBH

    Awesome weekend for Jordan. Fascinating finish. Congratulations Jordan and Titleist on winning another major!
  7. Edward K

    The kid has guts, that's for sure......Felt bad for Matt, but Jordan is a clutch player...
  8. david s

    Surprised to learn that Spieth still has the 915 driver and 3 wood in his bag, maybe he'll change to the 917 after that drive on the 13th? Awesome recovery from the practice area, and good of him to get Titleist plenty of advertising along the way!!

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