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Welcomed to Team Titleist!


Checking the mail yesterday I discovered an unexpected package. Like a child on Chrismas morning, I rushed inside. Once open, I discovered a Titleist Ballmarker and a letter welcoming me to #TeamTitleist. This was a small gesture by Titleist but it meant a lot to me.

Thanks for welcoming me to #TeamTitleist!

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  1. Kevin B

    Welcome CM!

    There's no place else quite as special and like this one!

    You'll soon see.

    Join in the conversations! Usually it's about our favorite subject, the extraordinary Titleist products and .....Golf!
  2. Tyler H

    Welcome aboard. It is the nice little unexpected surprises that make the Team Titleist Community so great.

  3. David A

    That's a very nice gift! Hope to get one some day soon. Getting tired of using spare change.
  4. Deno

    Welcome to TT CM.

  5. colin b

    Nice. The ball markers look ace welcome to TT
  6. Speedy

    Welcome to TT and game the marker with pride!
  7. Gabriel G

    I understand the feeling. Just seeing the return address makes one feel like you count in the golf world.
  8. Tim T

    Thank you Team Titleist for the ball marker. Very much appreciated.
    Post Image
  9. Andrew A

    I received my shiny new toy as well this weekend. Really loved the leather pouch. Nice touch of class, Titleist!!!
  10. Chuck Z

    Welcome to a team that is fun to be a part of. Cheers, Chuck.............
  11. Joe D

    Welcome to Team Titleist .!
  12. Dwayne N

    Welcome to the team it is a very special place and group of people and one never tires from those special little presents
  13. Rob V

    Welcome to TT. As you are finding out, TT is a great means for us all to stay connected and Titleist does a fantastic job supporting all of us.
  14. Steve S

    Welcome CM, smartest move you could have made. I know it's the smartest move I made. TT is family!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  15. Michael JC

    Welcome to Team Titleist!
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